COULD Hollywood megastar Samuel L Jackson really have been eating a pizza in La Cala this weekend?

One, sharp-eyed Olive Press reader Ben Thomas believes he identified the suavely-dressed gent as none other than the Pulp Fiction superstar.

And while the story may sound far-fetched, Mr Jackson was significantly absent from his co-stars’ 20th anniversary celebrations in Cannes this week.

Director Quentin Tarantino walked the red carpet with Uma Thurman and John Travolta, celebrating two decades since Pulp Fiction came out, but there was noticeably no sign of Jackson.

So perhaps he really was eating at Pizzeria Alejandro – just a stone’s throw from the La Cala de Mijas town hall – instead.

He certainly showed star quality, explained our celebrity snapper Ben, when he became incredibly picky with his food.

“He was giving very specific instructions and left when the restaurant was unable to satisfy his demands,” he said.

In the end, the bereted actor left after just one drink, by which time he had already started to draw curious glances.


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  1. Of COURSE – he expected GREAT pizza with double cheese and extra pepperoni. We recommended he leave and go to Il Vegabondo in NYC to have all he wants – exactly as wanted!
    He can even play indoor Bocci while he waits. Bueno!!

  2. ok everybody yes he is in town we saw him today and had a chat in a bar very near to La Cala where he was left to enjoy his drink without being pestered. we had a quick chat and a photo and he was the most charming celeb you could ever want to meet.

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