THOUSANDS of people have taken to Spain’s city streets to call for a referendum on the future of the monarchy, following King Juan Carlos’ abdication.

More than 60 demonstrations took place throughout the country, but the biggest – with more than 10,000 people – took place in Madrid.

Crown Prince Felipe and wife Letizia are due to be crowned King and Queen of Spain, after the Governemnt has drawn up an official process for the King’s abdication.

Leaders of the left-wing party Izquierda Unida were quick to call for a referendum on the monarchy.

“We’re here to support the claims that it’s time for the people to decide,” said IU head Cayo Lara.

“It is unthinkable that in the 21st century we are still talking about blood rights.”

No violence was recorded at the protests.


  1. Spain has suffered enough from corruption and members of the Spanish Royal family appear to have questions to answer, but will changing to an elected President with figurehead status actually change anything. The corrupt politicians who squandered, thieved and gave away Spain’s riches over the past 40 years were all elected… We deserve the politicians we elect!! ,,,,,,And yes Big Bob, it does stick in the gullet a little than us common people are supporting bloodlines in the 21st century….At least we can change from one set of corrupt mp’s to another set of corrupt mp’s at election time….lol But what is the answer… power corrupts….. cheers everybody, have a nice day in the sun,,,

  2. If you act like a serf, you will be treated like serf. There is only one problem – ordinary people are terrified of total responsibility, they want someone else to tell them what to do, so don’t complain when kings and presidents crap on you.

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