18 Jun, 2014 @ 10:50
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Dave Mahon granted permission to visit Spain for Amy Fitzpatrick vigil

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DAVE Mahon has been granted permission to return to Spain while awaiting his murder trial so he can attend a vigil for missing stepdaughter Amy Fitzpatrick this Christmas.

In March this year Mahon, 43, was charged with the murder of his partner Audrey’s 23-year-old son in Dublin last year.

Dean Fitzpatrick, a father of one and Amy’s older brother, died from a stab wound in May 2013, sustained during an altercation with Mahon.

He had allegedly gone to confront Mahon over the disappearance of his sister Amy Fitzpatrick on New Year’s Day 2008.

Mahon, 43, was granted bail in his own bond of €10,000, with his father Michael Mahon as an independent surety in the sum of €5,000.

He went before the High Court yesterday seeking a relaxation of his bail.

He said he helps organise a vigil and Mass in Spain every yeah in order to ‘keep Amy in the public eye’.

As part of his bail, he was made to surrender his passport.

But the judge ordered his passport be returned to him between December 17 and January 5, 2015, as well as relaxing the sign-on and residency conditions between those dates.

However, he must provide Gardai with a contact number while in Spain.

Tom Powell

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  1. I am absolutely flabbergasted that the high court judge did not consider the fitzpatrick family.
    Amys father must be furious that this killer has used his daughter as a way to skip the country.

    We have a number of judges in Ireland that are escentric and do stupid things but this one beats them all.
    Obviously the judge knows nothing about the case or the family.

    I am sick and annoyed that this judge inflicted that pain on the fitzpatrick family.
    Dont forget it was a judges fault mahon was out of prison when he killed dean after he revoked mahons prison-sentence.

    We have serious problems with judges in Ireland they could do with psychologist assessment.


  2. I live in Mijas Costa , have done for 16 years . There is no mass for Amy .

    This man prays at the bar never in the church .

    May The Lord forgive you your sins

  3. If there is no apparent ‘VIGIL’ – someone should tell the Irish and Spanish police – or else the pair of them will be planning to run – no doubt about it!

  4. I have serious doubts about the justice system in Ireland.
    If the public / jury fall for this guys bull then there will be no justice and he will walk away free.

    He spends his time in Ireland between a few pubs near where he is from.
    Must be a good reason he wants to rush back to spain … something else he is upto no doubt.
    This VIGIL nonsense about Amy what a load of crap sure he is not even related to the family or Amy.
    We all know the little girl was scared of him and could not stand the ground he walked on.
    Amys mum could not walkj across the road to her own sons funeral and now wants to have a VIGIL?
    How in the name of god can a high court judge not see they are getting played for suckers.
    Mahon must be laughing in the pub about this same way as he bragged on facebook about getting off with drink driving stuff.
    One judge gives him 4 months in prison and another judge then suspends it for 12 months and the rest is history he killed Dean Fitzpatrick.

  5. He was propping up the bar at Andys Beach Bar on the anniversary of the disappearance of Amy this year, Jan. 1st, off his face, and cracking jokes, and tapping his feet, dancing, having a great time and that was early afternoon! There was no way he was at any vigil in Amys name, there isn’t any, he was too busy getting locked, as he would call it. Someone is having a laugh here or someone is extremely ill informed, my guess is it’s the judge. How this man is calling the shots is beyond me? So, he is allowed to come to Spain for Christmas, and have a holiday…..beggars belief.

  6. Sorry I meant to add in Ireland too . Sadly this alleged killer is allowed to roam free among decent people .
    The floozy with him is still married to her children’s father ….. The man alleged to have murdered her son is the man who shares her bed and her love of the bottle .
    I hope you enjoyed the champagne Audrey … On the night the judge said Dave could have his passport back ,

  7. He is a self-admitted killer with not one bit of remorse.
    I often wonder about the mother like why she crossed the line and became like him.
    Maybe it was the lure of the life style he appeared to be able to offer.
    I remember reading they decided that amy was dead and that they had to accept that now.
    They wanted to move on with their life? maybe come back to Ireland and tie up those lose ends..just why did they come back to Ireland?
    Must have had a convenient re-think after he killed dean to now want to organise a vigil for amy.
    When the pieces of the jigsaw fit the answer is plain to see.
    Amy went home around 10 next audrey and dave arrived home around 10-30… who was watching the clock?
    What they did next only him and her know … what do you think?

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