WIMBLEDON started today, courts trimmed and watered, players clad in starchy whites while spectators enjoy strawberries and…lactose-free cream?

According to new reports from Mintel research firm, traditional dairy cream may not be accompanying the fresh strawberries at this year’s championships.

Numbers show that UK sales of traditional dairy cream have decreased 2% from 2011 through 2013, while the sale of non-dairy cream has increased 12% to some 19 million litres over the same time period.

Mintel’s research has revealed that Britons’ dairy preferences have changed as a whole, with cow’s milk alternatives (soya milk, rice milk, etc.) increasing a whopping 155% since 2011.

Even UK tennis star Andy Murray has decided to cut dairy from his diet. Hopefully, the decision means he will be able to defend his champion’s title.

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