FELIPE VI will make his first visit as king to volatile Catalunya this Thursday, June 26, to preside over a royal prize ceremony in Girona.

The act has been seen as the new king’s first trial at facilitating dialogue between Madrid and the region’s pro-independence movement.

Felipe – originally the Prince of Girona – has passed on the title to his daughter, Princess Leonor.

However, Girona – known as one of the fiercest independence supporters – has recently passed a motion that denounced any association with this title.

The king and his wife, Queen Letizia, will meet with Catalunya president and leader of autonomy campaign Artur Mas at a dinner following Thursday’s prize ceremony.

Mas continues his call for an independence referendum this November despite the government deeming such an act illegal.


  1. I’d hazard a guess that most Catalans don’t agree with you Anselmo. If Catalunya is not on the list of UN Non Self Governing Territories, that’s only because Spain has not proposed it for inclusion…

  2. The final surrender of Catalan troops took place on September 11th 1714.Felipe’s Nueva Planta decrees banned all the main Catalan political institutions and imposed military rule over the region – should be enough proof for anyone that does’nt have denial syndrome Anselmo.

  3. Yes Anselmo. Aragon and Castilla might have shared a crown, but they were separate countries with separate parliaments and separate laws. After this “civil war”, Aragon lost all independence and became a vassal to Castilla. A colony, in other words…

  4. Denial syndrome Anselmo – in spades.

    It’s like most Spanish will tell you they are Latinos – complete b~#llo’@”s. Only 2% have Latin blood and that by way of rape by Roman soldiers. In the south of Spain the overwhelming majority are Arab & Jewish Semites. Then there are the Iberian Celts of Galicia/Cantabria/Asturias and of course the oldest inhabitants of Europe – the Euskadi. The ‘Spanish’ of the centre are Aryans – Goths/Visigoths and little Swabians but I’m sure that Anselmo will go straight into denial syndrome rather than admit these irrefutable facts.

    If it makes you feel better Anselmo the ‘English’ are just as bad. Most are’nt descended from the north German tribe – the Engli but are little Saxons/Zeelanders and big Freislanders and Viking savages from Jutland and Norway with a smattering of Rus from the country now known as Sweden and yet they call themselves Britons – I’m sure Iestyn ap Robert will have something to say about that, since he will know the derivation of the word ‘Britons’.

    Anselmo – you cannot make people live together, especially when there is so much bad blood from the past. Look at Syria and Iraq created by the ‘British’ public schoolboys at the fall of the Ottoman empire. They deliberately put minority tribes in control in both countries when smaller independent states was the way to go. All the horror and bloodshed is down to them.

    Germany was once made up of dozens of little states ruled by counts and princes but then along came Bismark who unified them into the powerful country that Germany is today. How was this possible Anselmo – because all these states had one thing in common – they were all Aryans.

  5. Most Spanish definitely DO NOT claim to be Latino, as that is used for Spanish speakers from Latin America. Not sure why someone who has some knowledge of visiting Spain, although he lives in France, would state that?

  6. englishdampsquid,
    you know damn well that I lived in Spain for a number of years and I have personal knowledge of virtually all the different regions of Spain – you don’t.

    Latinos/Latins no difference – same denial mentality. the only whites in South America who have the right to call themselves Latinos are the Italians who emigrated to Argentina.

    your post was so in character – a truly damp squid indeed.

  7. Bottom line is that Spanish colonised Catalunya and took away our independence. We are not getting this back . Any denial or refusal to accept this by the Spanish will result in a loss for them. We are not Spanish and we never will.

    Spain is on the way out and we are happy.

  8. I have never hear to call spaniards as latins.
    Is dificult to determine how much roman blood runs by the veins of the spanish population, because the blood of the same romans were mixed in very high grade with the blood of people that migrated to Roma.

    I can´t to imagine the roman soldiers raping hispanic women without married with any of them during the 6 centuries that Hispania belonged to the roman Empire. But Its a fact that in the genetic map of the spanish population there are very little of romans ,and,equally,of Fenicians,romans, visigots and arabs.
    They were little number of people that left a great cultural impress.

    The troubles in Siria and Irak are creation of external powers.

    We don´t must forgot that the celts were indoeuropean too.

    With respect to your ideas about the variety of races existing in Spain i recomend you the consult of genetic maps.


    Acording with this you´ll see that the strong presence of the halotype R1b, that is caracteristic of Great Britain is greater in Ireland and Wales that in the East of the island, and is lesser in Germany. It can be motivated by the fact that the first settlers of the british islands, after of the last ice age ,come from the North of Spain.

  9. Pre 1700 although known under a different regional name. The land is the same and it was stolen by whats now spain . Vote yes people and end t he evil colonialism of Spain. Catalonia, morocco, gibraltar should combine to defeat their common enemy politically.

    So anselmo… do you believe that the current people have no say over their own land ? Or doesnt it now belong to spain and that it? You answer will be very interesting? And please dont use the poor excuse of constitution because that was created by the fascist for the fascists. I think were more interested i your democratic and human answer? If there is one.

  10. We all know the constitution can be changed or ammended whenit suits you? Either way as anti spanish sentiment rises amongst regions of sPAIN i think it would do you more favours to try and adopt real democracy and not this shadowy pretend, corrupt and hypocritcal version…franco died you know? Modernise soon to prevent the same outcome for 5pa1n.

  11. fab

    In my humble opinion the people can not decide about some things that have not been created by a previous decision of the people. One of this is the integrity of a state, shaped by the History: Wars, matrimonies, comercial fluxes, catastrophes, etc.

  12. Anselmo,
    1800 years ago there were no Aryans anywhere in Europe, they were all living on the Steppes. Your reference is very nearly correct bar this.

    The Euskadi lived all over Europe and had a big influence on the waves of Celts that arrived over 7,000 years ago.

    It is an outrage that the monument known as ‘Stonehenge’ has this name as it was undoubtedly built by the Euskadi at a time when the Saxons were little better than savages and were living in their homelands on the Steppes.

    The Romans did’nt rape women – oh yes they did. Buddica ( a Celtic queeen) was forced to watch as the Roman scum gang raped two of her daughters.

    Indo-Europeans but their origins are from the NW of China. Chinese archeologists were shocked when they excavated graves there a few years ago, so maybe we should head for China demanding citizenship, now that would feak them out.

    So many times I have heard Spanish people from all over Spain describe themselves as Latins. You are probably not aware but DNA tests were conducted across Spain about 5 years ago – DNA evidence is simply irrefutable.

    Your post of july 3rd has already been answered – denial syndrome once again.

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