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Politician wanted for involvement in 2017 Catalan independence drive returns to Spain but fails to hand herself in

CATALAN politician Clara Ponsati, who is wanted by the Spanish authorities for her role in the 2017 independence drive in the region, has returned...

Catalan president, Pere Aragones, among dozens of separatists hacked by specialist spyware in Spain

A cybersecurity rights group claims dozens of phones belonging to prominent Catalunya independence politicians were hacked by sophisticated spyware. The software is normally available at...

Pardoned Catalan separatist leaders walk out of jail… and immediately demand independence from Spain

THE nine Catalan separatist leaders who walked free from prison on Wednesday after a controversial pardon by the Spanish government appeared not to have...

Catalan separatist leader demands investigation into Spanish phone hacking scandal

A LEADING Catalan Minister has demanded the Spanish government publicly investigates alleged phone hacking. Roger Torrent, a key backer of Catalan's break-away efforts from mainland...

WATCH: Wall of police fires on protestors as rocks and rubber bullets fly in Barcelona

THIS is the moment a wall of riot police fired on violent protestors as rocks, glass bottles and rubber bullets fought for command over...

Tourist dies in Catalan airport chaos as riots paralyse Barcelona after Spain jails independence leaders

The airport had seen 45 flights cancelled yesterday and 100 on Monday due to violent clashes involving thousands of people

WATCH: Barcelona police throw old lady to ground and punch man in face, while another loses eye in violent...

Shocking footage posted online appears to show police ramming protesters with vehicles, an officer throwing an old woman to the ground, as well as a man already floored being punched in the face by an officer

Former Catalan police chief to face trial over independence referendum

THE former head of the Catalan police will stand trial for his role in Catalunya’s independence referendum, the Spanish High Court has ruled. Josep Lluis...

Former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont to appear in court today while violent protests break out in Barcelona

The former Catalan leader was arrested on Sunday and faces a prison sentence of up to 30 years

Catalunya’s parliamentary speaker is latest casualty of independence crisis

It is not known who will fill her shoes after her supposed successor, Carles Mundo, the former regional justice minister, is also being probed on the same charges. 

Pep Guardiola under investigation for stirring up anti-Catalan sentiment

The 46-year-old regularly appeared at multiple pro-Catalan rallies, including a speech he made on June 11 where he read out a pro-independence manifesto.

Puigdemont says Rajoy should stop waiting to restore ‘legitimate’ government

However, Rajoy has dismissed the idea of Puigdemont governing from Belgium as 'absurd', after he fled there on charges of rebellion and sedition.

Less than a quarter of Catalans want independence from Spain as regional elections loom

LESS than a quarter of Catalans want to continue seeking independence from Spain as regional elections loom, a new poll has revealed. Just 24% of...

Fears of mass violence as Mariano Rajoy dissolves Catalan parliament and imposes direct rule on Catalunya in unprecedented move

PRIME Minister Mariano Rajoy has said he is dissolving the Catalan parliament after it voted to declare independence earlier today. The Spanish leader said the...

CATALAN CRISIS: Madrid imposes direct rule as Catalan MPs vote for independence

Jubilant crowds gather in Barcelona as Mariano Rajoy appeals for calm

BREAKING: Madrid approves imposing direct rule on Catalunya as tenisons reach boiling point

THE Spanish senate in Madrid has approved the imposition of direct rule over Catalunya. It approved invoking Article 155 by a margin of 214 to...

WATCH: Moment Catalunya Parliament vote to declare independence

THIS is the moment Catalunya MPs voted to declare independence from Spain. Pro-independence MPs can be seen standing and cheering as the result is read...

Thousands of Catalans attend candlelit protest for arrested separatist leaders

Barcelona crowd backs Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sanchez as direct-rule deadline looms

BREAKING NEWS: Carles Puigdemont delays making immediate Catalan independence declaration

Catalan leader seeks dialogue with Madrid but states region's right to be 'independent state'

Carles Puigdemont set for key speech on independence crisis to Catalan parliament

Catalan leader urged not to split from Spain as fears grow over economy

Thousands march in pro-unity Barcelona demo as Catalan government hints at delay to independence declaration

Carles Puigdemont set to pull back from independence push in key speech this week

Spanish court bans Catalan parliament meeting in bid to block independence moves

Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont set to declare independence at Monday's session

DANGEROUS GAME: Referendum activists shot at in Manlleu

FOUR individuals, including an elderly woman, have sustained minor injuries after an unknown assailant shot at them with an air gun.   The group were...

CATALAN CRACKDOWN: Cops raid regional government’s HQ and arrest MPs in latest offensive against independence referendum

PARAMILITARY police have raided the HQ of the Catalan government in a bid to shutdown the planned independence referendum.  The offensive, performed by Policia Nacional...

More than 700 mayors probed for helping plan Catalonia referendum

SPAIN'S state prosecutor has ordered a criminal probe of 712 Catalan mayors who backed the upcoming independence referendum. All 712 have been summoned to court...

Catalan leaders to be charged with ‘disobeying’ Madrid over independence referendum

A Catalan government spokesman has since insisted that the referendum will go ahead




Glenn Close takes in the Costa del Sol: This is where the Hollywood legend, 76, visited and ate –...

GLENN Close stunned locals on the Costa del Sol this week after making a surprise visit to a theatre. The Fatal Attraction star, 76,...


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