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King Felipe blasts Catalonia independence vote as ‘divisive’

The Spanish monarch said the vote will only 'negate freedom'

Scottish independence referendum ‘will be rejected’

First Minister of Scotland Sturgeon said blocking the vote would be a 'democratic outrage'

Shock poll sees Catalans shift away from independence

The swing comes as Catalan President Carles Puigdemont promised a ‘legal and binding’ referendum this year

Three Spaniards arrested for burning photos of King Felipe V

They have been supported by several Catalan politicians

Catalan region now 50/50 on independence from Spain as pro-independence camp loses ground

The pro-independence camp has lost ground since July

Nicola Sturgeon announces second referendum bill on Scottish independence

The UK's decision to leave the EU has emboldened the Scottish independence campaign

Catalonia developing ID cards for residents in preparation for secession from Spain

Catalan authorities are splashing €9 million on the cards

Spain blocks Catalonia’s independence roadmap after ‘illegal’ vote

The region had defied the court by debating the roadmap and announcing a vote

University professors beg for Catalan Independence

Independent thinking from Spanish professors

Spanish Constitutional Court rejects Catalunya’s independence bid

Legal blow to region's hopes of separating from Spain

High court denies San Pedro independence bid from Marbella

It was ruled that Marbella and San Pedro are too close together for separation to be an option

La Herradura to break away from Almunecar?

All parties at Almunecar Town Hall agreed on the creation of an independent commission

Show of force

Record Catalan voter turnout cannot be seen as a frontrunner for the independence movement

The Scottish question

Artus Mas may claim victory for his pro-independence Junts pel Si, but failure to secure a majority of votes weakens him

Catalunya would be booted out of eurozone, Bank of Spain chief warns

AN independent Catalunya would be ejected from the eurozone, says Spain's head banker. Bank of Spain boss Luis Maria Linde believes breaking from the country...

Barcelona face La Liga exit if Catalunya gains independence from Spain

League president Javier Tebas and sports minister Miguel Cardenal claim Barcelona would be kicked out of La Liga

Catalan hypocrites threaten real independence

Artur Mas’ dirty laundry has well and truly been hung out to dry

Early regional elections called for Catalunya

Catalan President Artur Mas schedules regional elections for September 27

Catalan leader Artur Mas facing criminal charges after 9-N independence vote

Charges include perverting the course of justice and misuse of public funds

Catalan president Artur Mas to be sued by Spanish government over independence vote

Mas accused of 'disobedience and dishonesty' after Sunday's vote

80% vote for independence in Catalunya

Overwhelming majority of voters in controversial poll want an independent Catalunya

Catalunya will go ahead with vote despite ban, says Artur Mas

Spain has sent armoured vehicles to deal with the potential backlash

UPDATE: Spain’s Constitutional Court bans Sunday’s vote in Catalunya

Catalan supporters will attempt to carry out a vote on independence despite Spain's highest court banning the action

PICTURE SPECIAL: Catalan adrenaline junkies compete to build highest human towers

Thousands of 'builders' and spectators flocked to the traditional festival this weekend

Kick in the teeth

Gibraltar FA face a tough battle against football's antagonist and FIFA president Sepp Blatter





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