MADRID has announced that it will sue Artur Mas following Catalunya’s independence vote.

The Catalan president defied a court injunction barring him to hold the succession vote, and has now been accused of ‘disobedience and dishonesty’.

Details of the case against Mas are being finalized, and will most likely to be filed on Thursday, according to court sources.

The informal and non-binding vote saw 2 million of the possible 5.4 million people take part.

Mas hailed the vote as a ‘great success’ – with 80% voting for independence – but it was slammed by the Spanish government.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called for ‘sanity’ on the day of the vote, while Justice Minister Rafael Catala has dismissed the vote as a ‘sterile and useless sham’ and ‘a day of political propaganda’.

Rajoy has, however, announced that he would like to open up a dialogue with Mas.


  1. “Open up a dialogue” What’s Rajoy going to do, visit Mas in prison? This whole thing has got the P.P. rattled. They would have preferred riots, rather than a democratic process. These moves will only add credibility to Artur Mas and the independence movement.

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