AN independent Catalunya would be ejected from the eurozone, says Spain’s head banker.

Bank of Spain boss Luis Maria Linde believes breaking from the country would destroy the region’s financial system.CRISIS?: Banking chief warns of chaos

Access to the euro would be denied in the event of this weekend’s regional election leading a drive towards Catalan independence.

“The exit from the euro is automatic, the exit from the European Union is implied,” he said.

Artur Mas’s separatist movement are poised to gain victory in the local elections.

A referendum on Catalunya’s future could follow a majority vote in favour of the pro-independence camp.


  1. Be afraid Catalunya, be very afraid. Your football team will be relegated to kick-arounds in the park. You will be shivering in the cold outside the E.U. Rajoy will shout at you. And the bogey-man will come and get you. If you have the temerity to go for independence.

  2. Suzanne,
    the pero castillanos don’t do reality but they are superb at denial syndrome. The big mistake the SNP did before the ref. in Scotland was to cling to Sterling, much better to elect for their own currency, reject any responsibility for the enormous UK debt and declare Scotland a tax haven, same for Catalunya. The world and it’s mother knows that when the Catalans and the Euskadi are their own masters the rest of Spain will collapse.

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