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Three Spaniards arrested for burning photos of King Felipe V

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catalan independenceTHREE Spaniards have been arrested after they failed to show in court after burning photos of King Philip V.

The trio – all members of the far-left seperatist party Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP) – burned the photos last September during Catalonia’s regional holiday.

They have been supported by several Catalan politicians from the CUP who tore up photos of the current King Felipe VI during a press conference held following the arrests.

“We vindicate disobedience as a valid mechanism for the construction of the Catalan Republic […] we don´t have fear or a king,” said Mireia Vehí, a CUP member of the Catalan parliament, during the press conference in which she and five others tore pictures of Felipe VI to bits.

While the CUP makes up a small fraction of the Catalan Parliament, they have recently joined forces with a center-right separatist coalition in a bid to achieve independence for the region.

Spain is currently investigating important separatist politicians after they held a non-binding referendum on the issue in 2014.


Laurence Dollimore

Laurence has a BA and MA in International Relations and a Gold Standard diploma in Multi-Media journalism from News Associates in London. He has almost a decade of experience and previously worked as a senior reporter for the Mail Online in London.

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  1. People should be more accountable for there actions…….i wish it was the same in the UK…… when the people burnt poppys on the cenotaphs they should have been publicly whipped/lashed.

    They are monarchs and they should be respected which ever country they come, Spanish or English..!!

  2. What’s so special about monarchs Jack? They do nothing and get paid for it. Some are even accused of being on the fiddle. Showing respect or otherwise for the fallen (who DID do something) is a completely different kettle of fish.

  3. Jack Daww – self confessed serf. WW1 happened because 99.9% of Europe’s serfs obeyed orders and allowed themselves to be slaughtered by the millions, instead of turning round and executing the scum who think they are superior. Let’s not forget those Christian priests, Catholic and Protestant who told ‘their’ soldiers – God is on your side, kill the enemy. So this god/sky pixie wanted everyone to kill each other – insanity, clear unmistakeable insanity.

    Let’s also not forget that brave German opera singer who at Christmas/Winter Solstice 1914, stood up and sang Silchen Nacht, taken up by a Scottish piper and briefly turned the insanity into something wonderful for a short time, cut short by the British High Command who gave the order to open up and stop the fraternisation. You can’t blame them, who knows what might have happened, the ordinary soldiers might have realised the real enemy was safe and sound 30 miles behind the lines.

    • you talk absolute rubbish……back to school for you…..fact finding and spelling lessons required for you Stuey……..your ramblings fall on deaf ears…!!!!

  4. Both “World Wars” of course were the birth-control of their day. Twice, a young generation challenged the old order and were promptly sent for slaughter. On both sides.
    Aleppo illustrates this clearly today, with the young and fecund getting the pain. Of course, we are too many, but what to do? Esa ea la cuestion. Slaughter is increasingly repellent. Looks like we need to turn to science. Any ideas you boffins?
    Oops! Off topic. I blame Stuart.

    • Clausewitz said that the war is a mean for to make politics, not for to reduce population, etc.

      In the case of Central Potencies in WWI, specially Germany needed to expand the place for his power industrial and technological , that UK obstructed. And the UK feared to be left aside and to lost the hegemony in the seas.

      For to avoid such tragedy were necessary more clever elites in both countries. But sadly they choosen the war and destroyed himselves and the rest of Europe.

      The WWII was an outcome of the First, and of the Russian Revolution, equally an outcome of the WWI.

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