catalunya-elections-27s-2015SPAIN’S constitutional court has suspended Catalonia’s pro-independence roadmap.

The region’s parliament had defied the court by debating the roadmap and announcing a vote to consolidate the move towards sovereignty, which saw a 72 – 11 victory for breaking from Spain.

Magistrates have accepted an appeal by the Spanish government which claimed that Catalonia’s Committee to Study the Constitutive Process – the group responsible for designing the strategy towards independence – violated the Spanish constitution when it allowed parliament to vote on the roadmap.

The Catalan Chamber has until August 21 to relay the court’s decision to its members and present any appeals.

The roadmap reads that the ‘only way possible’ for Catalans to be able to decide their future is to ‘disconnect’ from Spain and disobey its institutions.

Madrid is now considering taking legal action against Catalan’s parliament speaker Carme Forcadell, who may have broken the law by attempting to push forward independence plans.

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  1. Viva Catalunya,
    what can the pero castillanos do, send in the army, no more Adolph or Benito to back them up. You’ll see how fast the new International Brigades will form from ex military men from all over.

    Then the Euskadi will do the same. The Spanish rump will collapse into poverty – interesting times lie ahead.

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