A NEW law could mean Spain will be Europe’s most restrictive country on abortion.

The ruling conservative People’s Party (PP) has proposed a bill that will only allow abortions in cases of rape and risk to a mother’s life, approved by medical examination.

The current law, like the rest of Europe, allows abortions within the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

According to polls from Metroscopia, over 60% of Spain – a traditionally very Catholic nation – want the law to remain the same.

The law will be voted on in July by Parliament, where the PP has an absolute majority.


  1. The fact of the matter is, too many lazy women are using abortion as a form of contraception. There is in my view absolutely no reason any woman today becomes pregnant unless she wants too.With so much advice, condoms, monthly and morning after pills freely available. This obviously excludes rape, so I imagine we’ll see a stratospheric rise in reported ” rapes” once the new law is passed.

  2. As a man, Harry is completely conversant with the way a womans’ mind works. Not. Why on earth would even a “lazy” woman choose to have a surgical, or extremely unpleasant chemical procedure, rather than use one of the methods caring Harry outlines? Although he left out intra-uterine devices in his haste to condemn.

  3. The answer is in your question, stefanjo, ( with a small “s”.. very edgy !) Because they are lazy and irresponsible.There is nothing religious about the proposed new law ( as many here suggest) it’s about stopping the abuse of the social services ” free” medical treatment. Money wasted on unnecessary abortions could be better spent on more urgent cases. The morning after pill is inexpensive and readily available.I wonder, do you actually know any women?

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