by Jared Garland

MAGALUF mayor Manuel Onieva has ordered a police investigation of a practice called ‘mamading’ – an oral sex game named after the Spanish term equivalent to ‘blowjob.’

The game has sparked global attention and outrage after a cell-phone video of the competition, in which an unidentified British girl gives oral sex to twenty-four men in under two minutes, went viral on the internet.

The game works as follows: girls are told to fellate a predetermined number of men in the shortest amount of time, and the one who makes her rounds in the shortest amount of time wins free drinks for the rest of her vacation time.

Needless to say, foreigners dominate the competition circuit.

Reality TV program Geordie Shore’s Jay Gardner can be seen in the video, who was allegedly asked to be ‘number 25’ in the game.

He rejected the offer, calling the practice ‘the most shocking thing I’ve ever seen.’

Unfortunately for pub owners, these are not the kinds of ‘drink deals’ Magaluf needed boost the tourism industry. Those in the nightlife business have expressed discontent that in spite of the resort town’s effort to improve its image and increase tourism, this story will further mar Magaluf’s reputation.

Though police are on the case now, it is unclear what they will be able to do, as ‘mamading,’ while disgusting, does not violate any law as long as all parties are consenting adults.

In the past, Punta Ballena has been notorious in the British press for its reckless youth culture, after three young Britons died in 2012 falling from their hotel balconies.


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