A GOLF tee in the shape of a naked woman has sparked a global debate over sexism and abuse of women.

The headless ‘nudie tee’ – produced by well-known golf brand Dunlop – is now the subject of a petition calling for them to be banned, attracting widespread media coverage in the USA and Britain.

Joanna Sharpen, from the UK Government’s ‘This is Abuse’ campaign, has led calls for the ‘awful products’ to be banned.

“I am so frustrated about these sorts of products as they help to produce a context and a society that normalises abuse of women,” she said.

A packet of six tees can be purchased from Ebay or Amazon for €2.50.

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  1. A global debate might be a little bit of an exaggeration!!
    It doesn’t normalize anything about women but it does say that the person using them has bad taste. It just gives self appointed ‘spokespersons’ an opportunity to climb their soap boxes and that sets the real debate back. Now if you were talking about Barbie dolls……..

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