25 Jul, 2014 @ 15:18
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Ryanair guides two British families onto the wrong plane

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RYANAIR should get a map after directing not one, but TWO Spain-bound British families onto the wrong plane.

Instead of jetting off to sunny Almeria, both families boarded separately at East Midlands Airport bound for Latvia.

They were lucky to exit the plane before take off, but the airline’s blunder did cause them to miss their actual flight.

The Pritchards and Housleys then forked out £70 (€89) to share a taxi to Birmingham airport, where they caught a different flight.

Their flight plight did not end there. The plane took them to Murcia, some 107 miles from Almeria.

After a whopping £130 (€165) taxi ride – the families finally reached their holiday destination.

So much for a relaxing break…


  1. I am curious as to how Ryanair, or any airline, are responsible for directing people to a particular airport. I assume that everyone else on the flight went to the correct airport but not these families. I am no fan of Ryanair but I would like a bit more information from the Olive Press as to how this problem arose.

  2. Sounds like a half-story here from the Ryanair knock-ers, if you’ll pardon the expression, just picking the juicy bits out.

    Since when was it the job of the airline to get passengers to the correct gate – that’s what departure boards are for. Surely the Pritchards and Housleys had an adult with them capable of reading the gate number shown on the departure board cos if that had been wrong the whole plane-load of passengers would have been on the wrong flight!

    It would be interesting to read the true story instead of this one.

  3. If I was directed to a gate different to the one indicated on the departures board I would be questionning it straight away. Plus, it was probably airport contractors that directed them incorrectly as Ryanair, and most airlines, don’t employ gate staff.

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