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Ryanair stop Brits flying back to Spain’s Costa Blanca over a ‘time difference’ dispute

A Costa Blanca couple were turned away from a Ryanair flight from Manchester to the Costa Blanca in a row over when they took...

EXCLUSIVE: Brits turned away at UK boarding gate by staff “acting on behalf of Spain”

BRITS travelling from one UK airport are now being subject to “arbitrary rules made up on behalf of another country”, according to one Olive...

Ryanair gambles on vaccine success by rolling out big summer flight schedule for Spain

LOW-COST carrier Ryanair is to run 2,500 weekly flights to and from Spain as well as within the country over the summer. Ryanair marketing director,...

Ryanair puts on extra 200 flights from Germany to Spain’s Mallorca and Alicante this Easter

SPAIN’S regions may have agreed to keep their borders closed within the country for Easter, but it seems that international travel is about to...

Jet2 makes luggage pledge after Easyjet copied Ryanair’s charging policy

FOLLOWING Easyjet’s controversial change in luggage allowance, Jet2 has pledged to continue its passenger-friendly policy. The Leeds-based firm claims it will NOT change its on-board...

PLANE CRAZY: Woman heading for Spain’s Costa Blanca ends up in Ukraine after boarding wrong RyanAir flight

A WOMAN who booked a flight from Stansted to Valencia ended up in Kiev when she boarded the wrong plane. Inka Fileva, 30, was looking...

Ryanair introduces four new services as it claims ‘big domestic demand’ in Spain

LOW COST carrier Ryanair is launching four new domestic routes in Spain this December while cutting back its pan-European services due to the pandemic. The...

Ryanair announces new cut to October schedules across Spain and Europe

RYANAIR is cut its October schedules by 20 per cent in addition to a similar reduction previously announced in mid-August. The budget carrier blamed quarantine...

Mega price drop by Ryanair: one million seats from €5 to 240 destinations including Spain

This mega price drop covers destinations including the Spanish cities of Barcelona, Madrid, Gran Canaria, Ibiza, Palma, Santander, Santiago de Compostela or Tenerife

LISTED: Spain’s airports Brits can fly to on Ryanair, EasyJet, Jet2 and TUI

AFTER the announcement that the UK would drop its quarantine restrictions, the number of Brits searching for holidays has surged. Yesterday, ministers confirmed that from...

Major airlines to be taken to court in Spain over COVID-19 flight cancellations and ‘refund refusals’

THE Ministry of Consumer Affairs in Spain has announced it will bring at least 17 major airlines to justice over their alleged misinformation regarding...

Ryanair slams rival airline handouts as it records €1 billion profit pre-COVID-19

LEADING budget airline Ryanair has recorded profits of €1 billion during the 2019 financial year. This marks an increase of €117 million on 2018, according...

Consumer rights group in Spain reports Vueling and Ryanair over coronavirus refund policies

LOW cost airlines Ryanair and Vueling have had official complaints made against them over refunds for cancelled flights. The FACUA-Consumers organisation has denounced Ryanair to...

Ryanair announces 3,000 job cuts due to coronavirus crisis

RYANAIR has announced that it expects to cut 3,000 jobs due to the coronavirus crisis.

Ryanair ordered by High Court to bring back 224 staff it sacked across Spain

SPAIN’S High Court has ordered Ryanair to bring back 224 members of staff it sacked across Spain. Judges said the Dublin-based company’s reason for the...

Ryanair offer all their aircrafts to EU governments to combat coronavirus

RYANAIR have offered all their aircrafts to EU governments in the fight against Covid-19.

Brits stranded in Spain as NO Ryanair, Jet2 and EasyJet flights available, despite UK Government warning to ‘return immediately’

“Where scheduled services have been withdrawn, it should leave no stone unturned to get these people on flights home”

Ryanair cancel ALL flights between Manchester and Spain until May, last ones are tomorrow

RYANAIR has cancelled all flights connecting Manchester to Spain until May.

Ryanair remove flight change fee for all bookings in April, not just in Spain, but customers still demand refunds

RYANAIR have waived the flight change fee on all bookings in April as well.

easyJet cancels flights to Spain while Ryanair reduces service in midst of coronavirus emergency

EASYJET has cancelled all flights to and from Spain from Tuesday (March 17) until March 29 and Ryanair has announced a drastically reduced service from midnight...

Ryanair launches €6 flights from Spanish airports to London

RYANAIR has launched last-minute flights from Spain for €6.

Ryanair sacks Spanish workers who rejected 25% pay cuts

Contracts ‘do not conform’ with Spanish law and could even prompt a visit from an employment inspector

Irish budget airline Ryanair is the greenest in Europe

The low-cost travel company transported 13.8 million passengers throughout October, emitting 1,200kt of Co2.

Irish woman got so drunk on Ryanair flight she thought she was still in Spain when Gardai arrested her

Her defence team blamed 'a toxic mix' of alcohol and prescription medication

British holidaymakers face flight chaos as Malaga closes airspace over medical emergency

At least one flight from the UK was diverted after Malaga air traffic control closed the airspace at short notice

Ryanair cancels Spain flights in preparation for September cabin crew strikes

The airline has revealed six flights on Sunday September 1 , and eight flights on Monday September 2 have been cancelled




Band of plucky Zapatistas set sail for Spain to begin peaceful invasion of Europe

ON the anniversary of the fall of Tenochtitlan and the start of Spain's rule in Mexico, a group of indigenous Zapatistas have set sail...