A Ryanair flight from Luton to Corvera in Murcia suffered a two-hour take-off delay on Sunday- meaning it was too late for it land at its destination.

One passenger claimed on social media that they only heard about the change some 30 minutes before landing in Spain.

A tannoy announcement said the flight would have to land at Alicante-Elche airport, leaving friends and relatives at the wrong airport to pick up arrivals.

Over 50 travellers are said to be organising a joint lawsuit against Ryanair, according to the La Opinion de Murcia newspaper.

Corvera airport has a 10.30 pm closing time which can be extended for an hour to cover delays and other eventualities.

After the hour-long grace period, the airspace, under the control of the Spanish air force in San Javier, is cleared until 7.30 am.

The plane landed at Alicante-Elche airport at 12.44 am after taking off from Luton at 10.30 pm(Spanish time).

Traveller Nuria Villa, who was on board with two children aged under 10, said no information was given about the reasons for the initial two-hour delay in departing from Luton.

“They did not even offer us a sad glass of water to adults or children,” she said.

Villa added that passengers after landing were then taken on a 90-kilometre coach journey to Corvera.

Corvera airport operator, Aena, said: “The cause of the delay is down to the airline and we do not know the reason.”

“Airlines are aware of the airport schedule and the 10.30 pm closure,” it added.

There has been no comment so far from Ryanair as to why passengers were not notified of the destination change earlier.


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