THE General Directorate of Consumption of the Baleares is proposing the high fine because of what it calls the ‘large number’ of complaints the airline has allegedly ‘ignored’.

General Director of the directorate, Felix Alonso, said that the Baleares  government is ‘not scared of any multinational company’.

Ryanair Boeing 737 800 Ei Ebx
Ryanair could be fined a whopping €72,000 for ‘ignoring’ the claims of three customers whose luggage was damaged. Image Wikipedia.

The company can contest the proposal or pay the fine – if it is paid within 15 days, Ryanair would have a 50% discount.

It is not the first time that the Baleares government has had a clash with the airline  – Ryanair was fined €19,200 after charging a passenger €178 for not having printed the boarding pass.


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