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Sewage spills onto streets of Los Iberos, Axarquia

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Sewage in the Axarquia

EXPAT residents kicked up a stink after raw sewage was left spewing out into the streets of Los Iberos, in the Axarquia, for a week.

The group complained for days before the town hall eventually acted.

Carl, 75, and Sue Spragg – who have lived in Spain for 13 years – noticed the problem when their toilet wouldn’t flush, becoming clogged with the rest of the town’s waste.

The pensioners’ Spanish neighbours suggested they contact the mayor’s office in Almayate, but their pleas on the phone and in person were ‘ignored’.

“The smell was terrible,” said Mrs Spragg, 64. “It has truly been a nightmare and I worry about our health.”

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  1. I’ve never visited a town in the Axarquia that did not have ongoing water or sewage problems. Roads are endlessly dug up, which in turn places debris in the pipes and then the consumers water supply (just look in your deposito for proof!). Never have people received such crap service from councils as they do in Spain. IBI bills continue to increase and services get worse. Spain is dropping to bits and town halls just don’t have a clue – fact.

    In May 2015 observe how the town halls spruce up a few places in readiness for the mayoral visits for re-election. It’s pathetic, and a major reason not to purchase in Spain: no proper infrastructure. We have thousands of miles of high speed train lines and no reliable water/sewage systems in most towns.

  2. Spain ?? Well its as many EU country’s corrupt from the top people down, when you went into the Euro, all was well for a time then your hidden problems surfaced, Spending money by the State and Councils became a game. Projects that should have cost 2 million euros were inflated to 4 million euros and they all dipped in with their sticky fingers. England has bin paying the price, The EU SHOULD CUT OFF AND LET SPAIN AND THE OTHERS SINK, this will cause problems and perhaps lead to the change the systems, to a more equitable society

  3. Don’t worry peter, Fred is just fixated on telling people how bad Spain is even though he obviously likes living here. Read his thousands of tedious posts saying ‘That’s Spain for you’ ‘What do we expect from Spain. lol.’ Never anything positive. MAJOR YAAAWN!

    Does anyone actually know this man with ZERO respect for the country he lives in and its people?

  4. Sorry again for falling into the trap of being angered by the thought of people reading (especially any Spanish) what a moaning ‘Brit Abroad’ like Fred has to say constantly on here.

    This is how it goes – If you have a bad attitude towards the Spanish & towards Spain, then you will get a deservedly bad attitude back, thinking this is how Spain acts towards you and how the Spanish people are, which is totally misconceived as they are the friendliest and most welcoming people you can meet.

    If you think otherwise, then you become ‘a Fred’. It’s up to you.


  5. Derek, you don’t even live in Spain, so have zero knowledge of such issues. Fact is, when you pay your IBI and other taxes, these issues should be fixed, and they are very often not. My Spanish friends say the same as me, so I know when I’m correct btw. In any event sewage leaking into a road has nothing to do with “bad attitude” towards the Spanish. Don’t be dense like Derek, know the facts.

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