SPAIN’S Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN) has recorded an earthquake measuring 3.9 on the Richter scale centered in the  area south west of Tolox in Malaga province this afternoon (Sunday).

The earthquake occurred at 16:43 at a depth of 40 kilometres at latitude 36.6549 and longitude -4.9788.

Earthquakes are not uncommon across Andalucia and only last year the Junta de Andalucia announced it was making emergency earthquake plans as the risk of incidents has increased.

It has formed a committee which includes emergency and security services to initiate evacuation and recovery procedures, after the National Seismic Institution increased the risk level in Malaga and a large area of Antequera.

The risk is not thought to be imminent, but nobody will say why the risk level has been increased.

The last significant earthquake in the region was recorded in 1884.

Ruiz Espejo, an expert, said on average there should be an incident of magnitude between every 87 and 117 years.

Scientists said that the earthquake that killed nine people in Lorca in 2011 was caused by human activity.

Researchers believe the May 2011 disaster, which measured 5.1 in magnitude and injured over a hundred, was caused by groundwater extraction.

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