THE father of seriously ill Ashya King told reporters in Malaga this afternoon that he feared being arrested again as he arrived to see his son for the first time in four days.

The Southampton businessman, who lived in Spain for  a number of years, had driven two hours from Sevilla following a press conference.

Looking frail and tired, Brett King confirmed that his son was still technically a ward of court, and he was unsure if he would be allowed to see him.

He arrived at 2:45pm, in a white shirt and carrying a bag, on his own in a people carrier at the Materno Infantil Hospital.

There were around 50 journalists and photographers hoping to speak to him. However he rushed straight in to see his son after saying:

“I’ve come to see him but they won’t let me see him.

“What the Prime Minister of England and Health Minister said hasn’t worked because me and my wife haven’t got custody.

“Portsmouth Council have made him a ward of court. They’ve taken custody away. Yesterday they served papers on me. They won’t allow me to see him. If I try and see him, they will arrest me.”




  1. The following book and CD is a must read “Dead Doctors don’t lie” which has sold over 200 million copies in the US and globally 46 million. Dr Wallace states that Chemotherapy is a waste of time/money and has a very low success rate. There is some truth to Brett King’s serious concerns about the hospital’s cancer treatment system. It is utterly and totally disgraceful that Brett King and his wife were treated like criminals and in addition had the custody of their child removed. It is obvious that Brett King has more capacity to care for his son than both the UK and spanish medical legal system.

  2. “If he complies with medical directives, there shouldn’t be a problem. Just don’t kidnap the kid (again).” Chris your comments are beyond words. If you were to have the roof of your house fixed – you would seek at least three different quotes and sack the person that was not doing a good job – Are you saying that no body has the right to sack the “medical directive” or seek alternative treatment? The father did not agree with the treatment and he had every right to remove his son from danger! How is that kidnapping? The father did not support he system medical directives and they have simply mounted a witch hunt to set an example of him and anybody else that questions the system doctors!

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