ASHYA King’s parents are set to see him again in his Malaga hopsital this afternoon, before flying to Prague for proton beam therapy treatment.

The Proton Therapy Center in the Czech capital has already received his medical documents from Southampton University Hospital and is ready to start the treatment straight away.

Following their release from prison yesterday, Brett and Naghmeh King issued a statement about their incarceration at 11am this morning.

“I was just crying, and crying, and praying so that I could be reunited with him again,” said Mrs King.

They are expected to reunite with their son in hospital this afternoon in Malaga.

The five-year-old’s Southampton medical specialists have agreed to refer him for the proton treatment following two chemotherapy cycles in the UK.

“This option was explored with the family and they were informed that in Ashya’s case there is likely to be no difference in survival between standard radiotherapy and proton radiotherapy and overall no proven significant benefit,” said a statement issued by Southampton hospital.

The Olive Press spoke to neighbours and friends of the Kings to find out more about the family


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