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EXCLUSIVE: Incredibly moving video of Ashya King’s family and friends recording their favourite memory… and Ashya waving a poignant ‘goodbye’!

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HAPPIER TIMES: Ashya King at a family event last winter, before he started getting headaches. Copyright The Olive Press.

HEART-WARMING footage of Ashya King and his family at a Christmas get-together in southern Spain has been found. 

Scroll down for the video…

The video – shared for the first time by the Olive Press – shows members of the King family retelling their favourite memories, which include a trip to Mexico swimming with turtles and a tale of a tramp interrupting father Brett’s game of Monopoly on a beach.

As the video, shot just months ago, draws to a moving close, Ashya looks at the camera and waves a poignant goodbye.

Filmed close to the family home in Casares, Malaga, Ashya is followed by another young boy who describes ‘Ashya’ as being his best memory.

The video compilation was put together by talented Spanish-based videographer Joseph Lathey. The King family friend told the Olive Press newspaper that Ashya ‘didn’t stop running around’ and was clearly ‘incredibly happy’.

Just months later, while also in Spain this July, he was diagnosed with a brain tumour and given just months to live.

Lathey added: “He was playing with all the other kids and hardly stood still all day.”

The fellow Jehovah Witness described the Kings as the ‘kindest most generous people imaginable’.

Ashya remains in a stable condition in Materno Infantil hospital in Malaga, with his mother Naghmeh at his bed-side.

Rob Horgan

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  1. One good question: Now the little boy is on his way to Prague why did they not choose this course of action immediately it was realised their little boy was unlikely to survive. Instead, they took all the NHS could offer…and decided they knew best . As for all those people now financially supporting this couple – are you also willing to support all the other tragically ill children in this country. I hope this little boy survives, and yes, as parents they are right to do all they can….but do not criticise ‘the hand that fed .

  2. Thank you Ted,
    For your comment, I am sick to death of the way this family in particular the dad, has spoken about the NHS.. He came to the Uk for the FREE TREATMENT, after not getting his way in spain. He took the child without telling the hospital ???. What did he expect them to do.. Then he dragged the boy. Not to Praque, but all the way to Spain… FOR WHAT !!!!.. Why didnt he do the right thing, and arrange for the treatment in prague, and go to spain and sell the property….. We all have children, and we all want the best for them.. But this family have not been clear on their intentions. And they got a lot of treatment out of our NHS…. I would like to see how much money he has paid in TAX, to the UK… because its unlikely to be in the hundred thousands….. The hospital are unable to put over the full story, due to privacy rules.. and this dad, accused them of trying to KILL his son… .. Absolute rubbish. At the end of the day we all want the boy to recover.. But the parents crossed the line , and did not communicate well… Our hospitals and doctors , are the most hard working and honest members of society, and I am afraid that this family have not pulled the wool over every bodies eyes… There is a lot more that is now coming out in the Spanish Media. that should be reported in the UK…. I hope the little boy recovers and lives a normal life.. of course we all do.. But the Dad went about this all the wrong way , and has caused a lot of funds and delay to the ultimate goal

  3. What are you talking about hes English and pays tax in this country. He wants the best for his kid. Doctors are not always right and they have to balance funding and compromise treatment due to these restraints and decide which candidates would be most suitable for certain treatments. If the proton beam treatment is the best any loving parent would do all they can for their child as this couple have. Jehovahs witnesses are the most caring and passionate people I know and only want the best for their families and also do there best in trying to teach people that there is a greater hope than the present life we have and try to explain it from the good book.That is no crime.

  4. Fully agree with your comment Lilly Ann. I am fed up with all this NHS bashing. They are wonderful institution and full of really wonderful doctors and nurses. I think Dad is out of line and not at all clear. if anyone could kill this poor boy it could have been dear Dad dragging the boy through 2 countries on a very gruelling journey in a cramped car in August heat, relying on products he bought on the Internet, not providing proper medical emergency treatment in case the child had post op complications! And not organising transfer to Prague hospital first or any other medical treatment either. What NHS hospital was supposed to do? Child went missing without anyone knowing what had happened to him. They did go around it the right way by informing police. Parents are very lucky nothing happened en route and the poor child made it. If the outcome was different and the boy died they could have been charged with murder or whatever legal term is for this sort of thing. Now I understand that the family is asking for funds to cover the private treatment. If they did not have funds for it there was nothing to stop them issuing an appeal for donations. Has been done many times successfully in variety of cases and having their son in hospital in the meantime where he was cared for.
    UK press has also a lot to answer for not giving full facts and whipping a backlash against authorities. I suppose a weepie story sells papers. Sounds much better – insensitive
    uncaring government against loving parents wanting the best treatment for their son. Are the parents all that responsible having the best interest of the child at heart? I don’t think so. As far as I am concerned they did put their son’s life at risk by doing what they did. Just about the time everyone in UK stopped saying that authorities and especially NHS are culprits in this whole story. I wish the little boy all the best. He is thee true innocent in this whole story. Not Dad. Would not trust those parents to have a say in the treatment of my child if this happened to me.

  5. Richard. Do they pay taxes in UK? Aysha’s siblings went to school in Spain so they were resident in Spain at some stage. The UK NHS is based on residency, not taxes. Did they return to UK as residents or as visitors? You don’t get straight back into the NHS, it takes time. The boys tumour was diagnosed in Spain. Why was treatment not started in Spain?

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