SPAIN’S royals have undergone a popularity makeover in the first 100 days of King Felipe’s reign.

And since his coronation on June 19 it has been non-stop for the new King and Queen.

As well as a string of officials visits – to Catalunya, to the Pope and to the Museo Picasso Malaga, to name a few – the couple have also been very busy showing their public that they are people too.

Starting with refusing to move into the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid, choosing instead to remain in their family home with their two daughters, they have maintained their ‘down to earth’ image.

This includes a July visit to a cinema in Madrid in jeans and t-shirts, and Letizia going make-up free on the school run.

But the most recent, and conclusive, part of popularity makeover is the transformation of the Queen into a Simpsons character.

Italian artist Alexsandro Palombo, who created the Letizia Simpson, presented the Queen as the ‘ideal woman’, highlighting her sleek fashion tastes in some illustrations and showing her riding a bull in others.

The latest polls show that Spain’s public has much greater faith in Felipe to restore the institution of the monarchy, rising to 55.7% support from the 49.9% support during ex-King Juan Carlos’ reign.

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