By Tom Powell,

A DESPERATE last ditch renovation campaign is underway at embattled Kim’s Animal Rescue Centre after Junta inspectors demanded it improve or face closure.

Following the Olive Press’ exclusive report last month on poor conditions and overcrowding at the Mijas centre, the authorities have put pressure on owner Kim Halliwell to act.

All animals have now been vaccinated, while a series of ‘safety hazards’ have been moved.

However, despite promises the centre has not allowed its dogs and cats to go elsewhere.

Jacqui Ross, owner of nearby Last Chance Animal Rescue, offered a home for all of the dogs, but has had no reply from Halliwell.

“The police have said that there is no way Kim can carry on… legally she is in trouble but it looks like she will have to close,” she claimed.

kim's new sign
Artists pose with the new sign at the Rescue, photo from Facebook

Meanwhile, Mijas Town Hall is taking action against a news website which posted a ‘false report’ about claims that it was set to ‘sacrifice’ the animals at the centre.

The Diario Costa del Sol published an article stating 100 cats and 75 dogs would be killed if the town hall decides to close the centre down.

However, it is the Junta, not the town hall, which will decide whether or not the shelter should be shut down.

The town hall has meanwhile confirmed that it will re-home every one of the animals if necessary.

Either way, the rescue centre has posted a statement on its Facebook page claiming that the animals are safe and the future is positive, contrary to reports.

“Kim has spoken to the chief of police, the town hall and the ministry of agriculture and they promised that they will not harm any of the animals,” it said.

“There’s been a lot of work on regulating the buildings and it’s starting to look very nice here.”


To volunteer or ask about adopting an animal, visit or call 603 138 715


  1. Does this crock of BS ever end… We are asking over and over to be able to take dogs and cats out… we need to start to empty the shelter before the place is closed… we have a month… maybe 2 at max. I met with the police of Mijas Tuesday at 11am… it was spelled out clearly the place is finished… but only Kim can open her heart and her doors to let people start to move the animals out… This is a huge task and cannot be left until the last minute… or the animals will have no other places to go other than the pound… why not let the process start now whilst we have time to act… I was told in no uncertain terms that Kim will not let me help, as I will then be the winner in this … how stupid… this is not me closing her down, she is being closed because of her own illegalities which has been growing for years. I just want to help the animals… will someone please talk some sense into her, so we can get on with the task in hand

  2. It is becoming more commonly known now that there are major welfare problems with this rescue. The animals are suffering through lack of food, water, sanitation,and crucially, veterinary care, and have been for some time. A rescue’s priority should always be the animals, and if you can’t give them a safe clean environment then let them go to someone who can – personal differences and pride must be put to one side if the animals are the true priority.

  3. These people are all the same,using the heart instead of the brain.the same as those type of people that put loads of food out for the cats……
    ………….and yes bring the comments on

  4. Myself & dozens of other Facebook followers are totally behind Jacqui Ross. She is a wonderful person doing a wonderful job rescuing dogs from the pound & re-homing them daily. THIS IS NOT A GAME! There are NO winners in this Kim, only lovers & at this rate it is looking like it will very much be the dogs (& Cats). Kim says she cares about the animals but by her stubbornness by refusing help now, she would sooner see them ALL end up in the pound & almost certain death if they cannot be re-homed quickly would she? I think not! PLEASE Kim!! Swallow you pride & do the right thing & accept the olive branch. There is no shame in that.People will think a lot more of you if you do.

  5. I don´t know how the reporter has got the nerve to write this latest report. He is giving people completely the wrong idea and causing more confusion. The RESCUE CENTRE IS CLOSED, no further animals can be taken in and as its CLOSED then Kim´s plea for continuing donations is for what.? To line her own pockets as she has done for years. Last Chance Animal rescue has been pleading with this woman for weeks to allow people in to rehome the dogs……nothing !!!!! Halliwell is not going to release any dogs, she is playing cat and mouse with everyone who is involved in any way. She doesn´t give a damn about the animals suffering and has only ever seen them as a way to line her pocket.She certainly isn´t going to lose sleep over peoples opinion of her either. This is just one very very nasty individual who has made money through animals and will most likely do the same thing somewhere else when she is forced to leave here.

  6. Well said Stefanjo, and in regards to feeding abandoned cats, if local authorities put as much affect into enforcing mandatory neutering of all domestic and abandoned cats as they do in persecuting them and their feeder plus enforcing owner accountability eg. registration and vaccination of their pets, you and others would not have to begrudge a hungry animal it’s daily food. Neutering not starving cats is the solutions to the ever growing population of abandoned cats Nora Casey

  7. Nora and stefanjo……its other people who have to suffer for your big hearted ideas and with regards refugees the procedures are not working now Stefano……..walk round London’s marble arch and see the state of the’s an idea keep a few of them and a dozen cats in your garden…no!
    thought not……..NIMBY……too right

  8. colin fish you dont know what have been going on at KIMS ANIMAL RESCUE CENTER i worked there and so did lots of my friends NOT one of os took anything from there KIM dumped it all in one room where the cats pissed on it and the rats build ther nest in it. All that had any value Richard took an sold it on. SO IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN THERE SCHUT UP AND TALK ABOUT THINGS YOU HAVE SEEN AND ARE SCHURE ABOUT IT is anyway about the animals not Things that KIM was to lazy to sell and let the rats have it

  9. I have been going to Kims animal sanctuary for years now with small donations and there is no doubt that all the animals there love Kim and she does the best she can for them. Yes, it was untidy for a while but this has been cleared up and now she is struggling to feed them, in spite of this vicious vendetta that is going on, resulting in the drying up of funds. Have you seen how Kim looks lately, she is a broken lady and is certainly not skimming off any money that she may get. She looks defeated, these people have done a good job in destroying her, I just do not understand their motives, what is in it for them? The animals are cared for to the best of her ability, she needs help and support, not being victimised, all she cares about is the animals.

  10. I visit the sanctuary regularly and admire the way that Kim is struggling to care for and feed the animals. They all love her and she feeds them before herself. She is exhausted, and this vicious vendetta is killing her. Yes, the place was untidy, which has now been rectified. Kim needs help and support and if these people who are out to finish her really cared for the animals they could be helping her, not making it even more difficult for her to get the funds to feed them with. Please will people go and give her a hand and not get sucked in with all the gossip that is being spread around.
    She started this because she loves the animals, not to make her fortune, as has been suggested, you only have to go and see her to know this is not true.

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