TWO former drivers for the Spanish government have received a massive compensation payout after being sacked by text.

The Supreme Court ordered the Education Council in Castille-La-Mancha to pay the two men a combined €120,000 after they were dismissed via text message in February 2013.

The court ruled that the firing process was ‘unfair’ and breached article 55.1 of Spain’s Workers’ Statute.

The judge said: “Communication of any type of contract termination should be done in writing, explaining the reasons for the termination and the effective date.

“The way these men were dismissed was totally unfair.”

The Supreme Court gave the Education Council two options: either pay compensation to the workers or re-employ them under the conditions of their previous contracts and pay missing wages from the period starting February 2013.

The governmental body chose the payout and the drivers will now receive €68,924 and €49,523 respectively, plus each will receive €500 in court fees.



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