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WATCH: “This is going to end badly” Taxi and Uber drivers at each other’s throats again in Spain’s Mallorca...

SIMMERING tensions between taxi drivers and Uber drivers have flared once again on Mallorca after a video emerged showing a confrontation between the two. A...

Top speed camara in Malaga dishes out 130 fines per day

A SPEED camera in Malaga generates the highest number of fines in Andalucia, and fourth highest in Spain, according to the latest report from...

New study: Women deemed safer drivers than men in Spain

Women are safer drivers than men, according to new Spanish data.  Figures from Spain’s Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) revealed 60% of women drivers have never...

More drivers have died this summer in Spain, than in the year before the pandemic

SOME 225 motorists have died in Spain during July and August, 10 more than in the same months of 2019, according to official data. "It...

Spain clamps down on drink driving with compulsory breathalyzer on all new cars from July

A DEVICE that requires drivers to pass a breathalyzer test before it will start the vehicle ignition system must be incorporated into all new...

These are the five most common traffic violations with hefty fines on roads in Spain

HARD braking around speed cameras leads to dangerous driving and can see fines of up to €200 handed out warns the Department of Traffic...

Gibraltar police issue THIS warning for scooter-riders, cyclists and drivers on Rock’s roads

"Ultimately this is about assuming personal responsibility"

25,000 drivers a day to be tested for alcohol or drugs in Spain as Christmas approaches

The traffic arm of the Guardia Civil have intensified controls

Today kicks off four days of Spain’s September train strikes

A series of 24-hour RENFE employee train strikes kick off today

Drivers in Andalucia more likely to be caught speeding than anywhere else in Spain

Central government raked in €130 million in radar gun fines in 2014 and Andalucian drivers contributed 20% of the pot

Spanish government drivers sacked by text receive massive compensation payout

Two former government drivers have won €120,000 after being sacked by text message
taxis Spain

Spain’s un’appy cabbies up-in-arms over new carpooling apps

Protests were held across the country

A good sign for foreign drivers in Spain

Innovative reversible sign reminds drivers which side to drive on

Worst drivers in Spain

New report confirms drivers' suspicions




Spain sees hottest start to October since 1950 with highs of 38.2C: Summer temperatures to continue this week

SPAIN’S National Weather Agency (Aemet) has recorded October’s highest ever temperatures with many areas of Southern Spain reaching over 37C over the weekend.  Cordoba took...

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