GIBRALTAR police have issued a warning to the Rock’s cyclists, NOT to ride on the territory’s pavements.

A Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) statement reminded the public that ‘it is an offence to ride bicycles or e-scooters on pavements and footpaths’.

Only users of motorised scooters with three or four wheels are allowed to ride in these public areas.

The RGP’s intervention comes after pedestrians in the La Bateria area were put at risk by those on two wheels.

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One footpath beside the GBC building in Rosia Road has become a particular hotspot for trouble.

“The RGP urges cyclists to comply with traffic regulations,” an RGP spokesperson said today.

They added: “Cyclists need to understand the dangers of cycling on pavements and the potential for collision and injury created by those who ride recklessly.”

The RGP also reminded road users to check tyres and lights, and strap on a helmet before setting off.

In addition to the warnings, the RGP announced Operation Roadwatch, its zero tolerance approach to drink-driving in the run-up to Christmas.

A spokesperson said: “Driver conscientiousness is essential. In the same way people take care of their family and property, so too should they develop good road manners.

“Ultimately this is about assuming personal responsibility.

“We will be targeting traffic hotspots as part of Operation Roadwatch and coming down hard on drink drivers and other traffic offenders.”

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