A MAP showing the true scale of corruption in Spain has pinpointed Andalucia as the worst-affected region.

Statistics show that more than 1,900 people have been charged for corruption, yet only 170 have been convicted.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said this month that corruption was not a widespread problem, but merely a case of a ‘few bad apples’.

The map, however, suggests otherwise.

corruption map (1)


  1. What a joke Rajoy is suggesting it’s a few bad apples when he and his PP were supposed to be investigated for their deals, deflecting attention no doubt.

    Seems to be a very large ‘blob’ of corruption centred over Andalucia on the map.Lol

  2. I guess PM Rajoy denies the facts of SUR in English (pg 2) this week, or needs to use the SpecSaver ad to improve eyesight. Corruption is alledged from Town Hall officials, ranking Party leaders to tax fraud by the King’s Sister & husband. If, as Rajoy says, “it’s only a few bad apples in the barrel” – he must be referring to the biggest barrel we’ve ever seen! Spain deserves & needs better than “talk”.

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