IF you’re searching for a Christmas miracle, look no further than Nigerian tissue seller Peter Angelina, who found €16,000 in a forgotten suitcase.

But rather than pocketing the lost funds, Angelina – who makes a living selling packets of tissues at a traffic light junction in Sevilla – turned the case into the police.

Angelina noticed a small briefcase had been left on the roof of a car, but it fell to the ground as the driver pulled away.

He opened the case to discover €3,150 in cash and six cheques with a combined value of €13,000 as well as some documents and a mobile phone.

Angelina – who trained as a doctor in his native country, but whose qualifications are not recognised in Europe – insists it never occurred to him to keep the briefcase.

“People say I could have kept the money and then thrown the briefcase away but I am not like that, and God wouldn’t have liked that,” he said. “I am not crazy, I am a good man.”

The rightful owner, a 42-year-old businessman from Sevilla, has since returned to the traffic lights to thank him by giving him €100 as a reward.


  1. Thats great, we need more people like that. Last year i found a briefcase with 5000usd and a bracelet inside at the airport. When i saw a panic looking Chinese man running around searching for something. I asked him what he was looking for and he told me he was looking for his lost briefcase. I then gave him the one i found and he became ecstatic. He was very greatfull but never gave me a dime. And i never expected anything cos ive tried loosing 5000euro myself and its a terrible feeling. Doing good makes you feel good.

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