TOWN halls have the power to change the face of Andalucia, and it seems as though they are pushing this power to the limit.

With Junta plans to reopen mining facilities across the region, and on a smaller scale the Malaga Town Hall making an alleged ‘land grab’ in Churriana, this problem is becoming clearer by the day.

Those entrusted with protecting the natural heritage of Andalucia need to take a moment to think about how best to do that, not just about how much money they can milk from the land.


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  1. The Junta (which includes Izquierda Unida / Los Verdes) is prepared to turn a blind eye to mining and plastic farming, both very bad, evidently, for the environment. When it comes to ignoring a few ‘illegal houses’ or saving the chumbo pear from extinction in Almería… not so much.

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