23 Dec, 2014 @ 10:00
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PP General Secretary claims ‘all of us’ are to blame for corruption

THE PP’s General Secretary has claimed that Spain’s current corruption crisis comes from ‘all of us’ and is a problem all of society shares.

Maria Dolores Cospedal said that ‘the same corruption that may occur in a political party can be found in society in general’.

She claimed that accusing politicians of being ‘human filth’ was a fashionable trend.

“I think that corruption affects all political parties and especially those that are serious government contenders,” said Cospedal.

“Obviously when there is an issue of this kind, citizens tend to fixate on those responsible in the government at the time.”

Cospedal also accused the PSOE of suffering from ‘Podemitis’, because they are simply focusing on equalling or bettering the Podemos anti-corruption party.

She argued against those claiming Spain is the most corrupt country in the world, pointing out that measures were being taken; politicians and entrepreneurs are being tried while others are already in prison.

Jacqueline Fanchini (Reporter)

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  1. Well, she has the support of those legions of people who’s jobs have been given either ‘a dedo’ or just are ‘protegidos’. Such people are known as ‘los pringaos’.

  2. I have been saying for years that I wish a major political figure would stand up and just tell it as it is. Corruption /black economy / cheating the system are all now just a way of life here from the tradesman doing work cash in hand to the waiter with a part time cash job while claiming their unemployment or to the footballers avoiding tax and president with slush fund. Everyone needs to look at themselves in the mirror and not. Use the : “well if they are doing so am I excuse”

    Things here are so bad at moment with the black economy getting bigger and bigger everyday. I have been looking for new staff and 5 of the 7 I interviewed wanted to work for cash as they didn’t want to lose their benefit

  3. This is not only a Spanish problem it affect large parts of the world with the new me me me society we live in.
    Little things like illegal parking, illegal downloading of software, music and films. Then we move onto working while claiming benefit, telling lies about illnesses to get benefits and finally onto the big stuff where millions change hands.
    But if you do any of the above you are as bad as the rest, non of the ahh I only downloaded a film he got a free car, they are both illegal.
    Only those who are 100% honest can complain the rest should look in a mirror.

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