FOR Gibraltar’s premier power couple – Fabian and Justine Picardo – this Christmas will be celebrated just like every other…

With an all-out festive feast that would leave even Barack and Michelle Obama green with jealousy.

The Rock’s First Lady told Essential Gibraltar magazine about their classic Christmas with the whole gang at her family’s Italian restaurant, 4 Stagioni.

“We close off the restaurant to the public and all the family come,” said the lawyer and mother.

“Last year 25 of us sat down to suckling pig, roast beef, goat, lamb and all the trimmings.”

The Chief Minister is clearly proud of his wife and when questioned over her place in the world of 21st century First Ladies, he told the Olive Press: “She’s tougher than Michelle Obama, that’s for sure.”

On the Rock, she is also known as the ‘First Lady of Fashion’, but she has a permanent collection of shoes at the menders because high heels don’t stand a chance on Gibraltar’s cobbled streets.

She has also revealed the story of how her husband proposed to her at the top of the Rock in January 2011.

“I was in complete shock. It was a classic Fabian gesture, very romantic if slightly cheesy,” she said.

“It was eight in the morning, I was wearing my jogging suit and trainers, hair tied back, no make-up on. I think I was even wearing my glasses!

“Fabian hadn’t stopped to consider that I might have wanted to look a bit more glamorous so we could take photos of the momentous occasion,” she added.

And as fate would have it, she is now expecting their second child, who just like their brother will arrive in the middle of an election year.


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