THE Costa del Sol’s most notorious drug empire could be about to come crashing down. 

Reports in the UK press suggest that funds are tight for the Kinahan clan as Spanish police zero in on the Spain-based mob.

To make matters worse, former associates of the Kinahan group have broken all ties are now teaming up with other UK-based gangs.

Kinahan brothers Daniel, 36, and Christopher, 33, reportedly returned to Ireland last month in a desperate bid to raise more cash after police froze their bank accounts in Spain and Brazil worth around €500million.

A source told the Irish Sun: “The Kinahans have a cash-flow problem at the moment and that’s why they’re telling people that if they get the cash they will supply the drugs.

“They haven’t got the same access to their wealth in Spain and Brazil because of ongoing operations against them and they’re getting increasingly desperate.

“The Kinahan gang in Spain isn’t as strong as it once was because Russian and English mobs are now vying for supremacy.”

To make matter’s worse the Kinahan’s former enforcer Paul Rice, 44, has returned to the UK and is forging links with Scottish and English gangsters.

Rice split from the Kinahan’s circle following the murder of close friend Gerard ‘hatchet’ Kavanagh in September.

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