DIESEL cars could soon be outlawed in Madrid, if the PSOE mayoral candidate gets his way.

Antonio Miguel Carmona has promised that, if elected in May, he will ‘eliminate’ diesel vehicles in the country’s capital by 2020.

Carmona claims that the current measures put in place by mayor Ana Botella (PP) are ‘insufficient’ and that ‘more should be done’.

“I want our capital to be environmentally in line with other forward-thinking countries,” said Carmona.

Botella is not against a ban on diesel cars but said it is ‘unrealistic’ to rid the city of diesel cars entirely in the next five years.

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  1. just because many regular people repeat the myth that diesel is bad still doesnt make it true. I still find it shocking that people in authority here in spain can push their own silly agendas. It takes as little as one minute to discover diesel is outstandingly better than gasoline in virtually every category you can think of.
    another facepalm from spain.

    Maybe improve the itv (mot) system.
    Or fine *any* vehicle with visible exhaust.

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