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‘Dangerous’ gang of young robbers brought down in Costa Blanca and Murcia areas of Spain

A band of young robbers branded as 'dangerous' by the Guardia Civil have been arrested in the Murcia region. They carried out at least 54...

Petrol prices hit record high in Spain—close to two euros per litre even with government discount

PETROL and diesel prices have shot up once again this week with historic highs of €1.941 /litre (petrol) and €1.876 / litre (diesel) on...

Petrol station pump prices in Spain could soar to three euros per litre this summer

PETROL pump prices in Spain might hit €3 per litre this summer according to a service station employers group. Nacho Rabadan, president of CEEES, said:...

Spain threatens oil companies as filling station prices continue to spiral upward

SPAIN'S Finance Minister, Nadia Calviño, has blasted a warning to oil companies who are hiking petrol pump prices despite a 20 cent per litre...

Secret silos of dangerous diesel and the 30 gas stations in Spain’s Valencia defrauding €50m from both drivers and...

A MULTINATIONAL gang that imported dangerous diesel to Spain from Eastern Europe has been busted, resulting in 22 arrests. The alleged fraudsters, from Spain, Poland,...

Diesel car pollution is half than previously thought, according to new study

The study revealed that levels of nitrogen dioxide in Europe are two times smaller than previously thought and the amount of hot air coming out of diesel cars is half than that used in policy predictions for the European Commission.

REVEALED: The most expensive place to fill up your car in Spain… and it costs even more than the...

THE Balearics have the highest petrol prices in Spain and are even higher than the UK average, according to new reports. Prices on the Spanish...

Marbella officially has the highest fuel prices in Spain

Neighbouring Estepona and Mijas are far lower than Marbella

Spanish drivers enjoy record-low petrol prices

Prices of petrol and unleaded have gone down 6% and 13.5% respectively since last year

Malaga diesel prices plunge to five-year low

A Ronda service station is selling diesel for under one euro per litre

Canary Island El Hierro runs exclusively on wind power

El Hierro ran solely on windpower for the first time

British diesel is Europe’s priciest

But petrol is pricier than diesel in some British petrol stations

Spanish motorists set to save money at the pumps by clubbing together

A collective purchasing scheme is being put in motion

PSOE mayoral candidate wants to outlaw diesel cars in Madrid

Antonio Miguel Carmona has promised that, if elected, he will ‘eliminate’ diesel vehicles in the country’s capital by 2020

More than a third of Spaniards breathing ‘dangerously polluted’ air

The WHO adds that 95% of Spaniards are exposed to 'unhealthy' levels

Petrol prices drop in Spain

The average price per litre has fallen just in time for summer

30 arrested in 15 Spanish provinces for involvement in billion euro petrol fraud scheme

Police have dismantled a multi-million euro operation involving 30 individuals who they believe are connected to two major criminal groups with assets worth €1 billion

Diesel fumes as deadly as arsenic, says WHO

Experts have reclassified diesel fumes from ‘probable’ carcinogens

Spanish fuel tax among Europe’s lowest

In contrast, drivers in the UK pay the highest rate of fuel tax, at 60 per cent for unleaded petrol

Christmas boon for petrolheads

Petrol price falls leaving diesel at its most expensive price ever in Spain





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