traffic-jam-spainMARBELLA has the highest fuel prices in Spain.

Data from the Ministry of Energy and Tourism has revealed that refueling your diesel car will cost you more in Marbella than in any municipality on the Costa del Sol, and more than all major Spanish cities.

The average price at Marbella stations is €1.163 per litre, higher than Barcelona’s €1,155 and astonishingly, higher than Madrid’s €1.119.

Malaga’s average is €1.147 while Sevilla’s is €1.146.

The statistics show that areas with higher purchasing power offer lower prices, including Granada (1.124), Bilbao (1.126) and Zaragoza (1.127).

Neighbouring Estepona and Mijas are far lower than Marbella, with average prices of €1.138 and €1.141 per litre respectively.

Marbella is said to have more gas stations that are linked to large exclusive oil companies, driving up the average price.

When refueling your car with 50 litres, the difference in price could be as much as six euros.


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