Globales Playa Estepona
Globales Playa Estepona

TWO Scottish sisters had their dream holiday to Malaga cut short after their toddlers were poisoned by a hotel’s undercooked food. 

Victoria Deans, 27, and sister Louise, 33, had to dole out another €1,700 to fly back early because the raw chicken and pork left their kids so ill.

Harris with older brothers
Harris with older brothers

The mums are now seeking a refund from holiday operator Thomson after their €5,000 holiday was cut in half.

Victoria’s one-year-old son Harris and her 10-month-old niece Evie began vomiting after a meal at the Globales Playa Estepona.

“We realised too late that the chicken and pork was raw in the middle,” said Victoria, from Edinburgh.

“They were very poorly with sickness and diarrhoea. A doctor told us it was food poisoning but it was too difficult to take them to hospital as we had our other kids to care for.”

The sisters, who have three kids each, returned just eight days into their 14-day holiday so Harris and Evie could recover at home.

Victoria added: “The hotel was awful and we spent most of our time caring for two very ill

Evie, Victoria, Harris and Louise (left to right)
Evie, Victoria, Harris and Louise (left to right)

children. We want a refund.”

Thomson’s said: “We’re in contact with the customers to resolve the situation.”

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  1. I will never forget the time I ordered chicken in Spain and the waiter asked me “how would you like your chicken?”.. Anyway, this is why we humans are not meant to eat meat as the risk of food poison when undercooked is serious, and specially for toddlers. Stick to a plant based diet only with no dairy and you will see the huge difference in life quality and health..

  2. If they had to pay for return flights themselves, is that because they were not insured? Or the insurance didn’t see it as necessary to cut short the holiday?
    They have six kids between them – what are the odds that at least one of those kids should have been at school?
    Surely parents should supervise what kids under one are eating?
    Do kids so young REALLY need a holiday abroad, where food, water and general bacteria are going to be different to that which they are used to?
    I am thoroughly sick of selfish parents expecting everyone else to take responsibility for their children, I hope Thompson give them nothing

  3. Clearly this is another case of british ambulance- chaser style lawyers inciting british tourists to make false claims.
    British tourists are either hooligans or drunkards or scammers. Not to mention the common criminals. Thats why they are not too appreciated around the globe

    • Actually Ol’ Blue eyes, it was a case of food poisoning by Spanish chef’s at the hotel and had nothing to do with the other characters you mention. I suppose you will find some excuse of the Spanish doctors report who are classed as being first class in their profession. Grow up.

      • It is more than clear that those two british fatties (why the whole bunch of you are fat??) are accustomed to eat all kind of junk food.
        And taking in account the british mafia of lawyers + false claims + tourists operating in southern Spain, theres no doubts that this is just another case of scam.

        • Being overweight is not always about eating too much food. Many genetic conditions can cause this, rather like your genetic condition, Pablo, you know the one that makes you write nonsense all of the time. The children saw a doctor, so they already have medical evidence, and no claim could proceed without it. Who would risk the health of their child in such a way, just to make a claim? Another one of your arguments totally shot down in flames, Pablo. Must try harder lol.

  4. The British were never fitter than during WW11 with rationing. Just as in the USA when companies like McDonalds were allowed to sell supersizing junk food in the 70s. Before that there was virtually no obesity in the USA. It began in the 80s’ in the UK, you could see it happening. Sorry Fred but the genetic argument is pure b/s. Junk food,alcohol – the hidden calories and laziness = obesity.

    El Tonto needs to take a look around Spain. In the 2 years we lived in Galicia, 2001-2003, I saw the young women especially putting on the kilos and this was replicated in Guadix. I well remember going to hang washing out on the lines on the roof terrace of the apartment block we lived in and seeing/hearing Rosa, the wife of a very trim fireman laying into the other Spanish women about the physical state of themselves and their families. She and her family were the only Spanish we knew that actually ate the Med diet and she praised me for not being a cerdo, like the Spanish men.

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