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Spain will host debut of world’s first official Formula 1 travelling exhibition

MADRID will be the first host of Formula 1's new travelling exhibition dedicated to the championship’s history. The showcase created in association with production company...

Sevilla couple spend summer holiday robbing cars at Costa Blanca beaches in Spain

A Sevilla couple used their August holiday to rob 16 cars parked at Costa Blanca beaches and used stolen bank cards in Benidorm businesses. The...

Benidorm spending over €1 million on ‘low emissions’ zone close to popular beach on Spain’s Costa Blanca

WORK on creating a Low Emissions Pedestrian Zone(ZBE) on a busy Benidorm street will start in a few weeks time. The €1.2 million project on...

Spain to allow 16 year-olds to drive micro electric cars

SPAIN is preparing a new driving licence to allow over 16s to get behind the wheel of low-horsepower electric vehicles with of up to...

Tourists warned over car rental shortage over Easter holidays in Spain

RENTAL companies may not have enough cars to meet demand during Semana Santa, industry chiefs have warned. Feneval, the association of car rental companies in...

Spain poised to raise price of cigarettes and ban smoking on terrazas and in cars

SPAIN’S Ministry of Health is considering plans to raise the price of tobacco and ban smoking on terraces and inside cars as part of...

Spain refuses to ban fossil fuel cars by 2035 at COP26

SPAIN has opted out of a deal to ban fossil fuel cars from the roads by 2035 at the COP26 climate change summit in...

Millions of drivers entitled to claim €2,000 upwards in compensation after being overcharged at car dealerships across Spain

A NEW compensation scheme could see millions of drivers claim back between €2,000 and €9,000 after illegal price-fixing was detected at hundreds of car...

Rare classics celebrated with Open Day at Premier Bodyshop on Costa del Sol

VEHICLE repair specialist, Premier Bodyshops, celebrated a classic car open day on Saturday, September 25. Aiden Hammond, the company director said that the ‘whole street...

Post-Brexit UK government forces British drivers in Spain to make changes to show “unity as a nation”

BEFORE Brexit, British number plates would feature the circle of EU stars with the letters ‘GB’ underneath it, simplifying and standardising travel abroad with...

Spanish social media star crashes Aston Martin just days after boasting to fans about his new car

A SPANISH influencer wrecked his brand new Aston Martin just days after boasting about his purchase on social media.  The luxury car, valued at €180,000,...

Green crackdown: owners of polluting cars face fines in Spain’s Catalunya

OWNERS of cars which pollute the atmosphere could face fines in Catalunya, the first Spanish region to consider such plans. Vehicle owners will be penalised...

UNDER PRESSURE: Spain’s first high-pressure hydrogen refuelling station set up to prove viability of the green technology

SPAIN’s first high-pressure hydrogen refuelling station has been set up. With a supply capacity of 700 bar pressure, the new station is part of a...

Spain will not ban the sale of diesel or petrol cars by 2040, but still aims to be carbon...

THE Government has announced that it will not ban the sale of diesel or petrol cars by 2040.

Car use in Spain back up to nearly 50% of the levels it was before lockdown

CAR use in Spain has already risen back up to nearly 50% of the levels it was prior to the state of emergency.

Fewer road accident deaths so far this year in Spain, compared to 2019, primarily due to the coronavirus lockdown

THERE have been fewer road accident deaths so far this year, compared to 2019.

Pollution levels in Spain reach historically low levels because of coronavirus

POLLUTION levels in Spain have decreased dramatically due to coronavirus.

Use of cars in Madrid rises, while use of public transport declines

THE use of cars in Madrid has risen in recent years, whereas the use of public transport has declined.

Electric cars at an ‘early stage’ as minister reveals 98% use of fossil fuels

One percent of all vehicles are powered to some extent by electricity, in figures released in Parliament recently,

Spain’s SEAT experiences most successful sales year EVER in 2019

SEAT sales grow by 10.9% to 574,100 vehicles in 2019.

Madrid bans old cars from city centre in CRACKDOWN on pollution

MADRID is banning aged cars from its city centre in a bid to reduce monster levels of air pollution. The vintage veto, coming into effect...

Balearic transport system overwhelmed after 40% private car increase

POOR train routes and inconvenient bus routes have caused traffic to increase over 40% in the last decade in the Balearics, while it has...

Raining Renaults: Don’t be alarmed at the largest student rally in Morocco

We’re talking a pandemic of dinky French hatchbacks plastered with sponsorship stickers, travelling along the highways and byways of Spain in a contest to find the shortest route to Marrakesh.

Balearic Islands propose limiting the number of cars to cope with tourism

Formentera town hall say the draft bill will limit the number of cars in circulation and cap the number of rental cars and motorbikes.

Police tracking down van driver in Valencia who had 20 pallets stacked to the roof

The stacks went so high the driver narrowly missed hitting a sign as traffic began to build up near an industrial estate.

Five arrested for allegedly stealing 4,000 kilos of oranges in cars in Sevilla

Suspicions were raised after three cars, that were lined up behind one another, made a ‘sharp’ manoeuvre to escape the city.





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