CAR use in Spain has already risen back up to nearly 50% of the levels it was prior to the state of emergency.

The implementation of the lockdown brought the use of cars to a virtual standstill nationwide, but with the de-escalation measures that have been in place for the last two weeks, people are starting to drive around again.

According to El Espanol, Sevilla is the city with the highest increase in car usage, with its levels reaching 59% of what they were before the coronavirus crisis.

Valencia follows in second place on 58%.

In comparison, the use of public transport is still below 30% of the levels it was prior to the pandemic, with Valencia being the only city reaching levels above one third, at 34%.

That’s followed by Bilbao on 29%.

Walking levels in cities are even slower to recover, with Madrid only registering 9% of the levels they were before.

This data provided by El Espanol shows how people in Spain have chosen their cars as their preferred use of transport following the first stages of de-escalation.

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