BAN: Older cars are exiled from Madrid city centre in a bid to tackle pollution

MADRID is banning aged cars from its city centre in a bid to reduce monster levels of air pollution.

The vintage veto, coming into effect this week, will banish older vehicles from within the perimeter of the M-30 ring road.

And from April next year, owners will have to display an environmental sticker detailing their vehicle’s emissions levels, issued by Spain’s DGT traffic authority.

A new speed limit of 70km per hour has also been set for the area as part of the new mobility plan from Madrid Town hall, which covers 472 hectares of the capital.

Police checks and traffic cameras are also in place to prevent cars without the eco sticker from entering the controlled drive zone.

Those classified as 0 – electric cars with zero emissions, ECO – hybrid vehicles, C and B – modern diesel and petrol cars – will be the only vehicles admitted.

Petrol-powered vehicles produced before 2000 and diesels made before 2006 will not qualify for eco stickers, meaning they are permanently barred from the city centre.

Fines for rule flouters will not be enforced until after the law comes into effect on April 24, 2019.

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