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Walking topless or with sex dolls is banned in Malaga from TODAY: These are the new rules that can...

PARTYGOERS could be fined up to €750 for walking topless or carrying sex dolls in Malaga from today.  The legislation, which has been underway since...

Mijas bans using drinking water in golf courses to battle the drought 

MIJAS Town Hall has forbidden the use of drinking water in golf courses to tackle the current drought.  The local government has announced a series...

Enough is enough: Ryanair to ban Brits from boozing on flights to Spain after numerous incidents

BRITS flying with Ryanair from the UK to Spain are to have their booze privileges severely curtailed after a spate of bad behaviour ten...

Video of horse collapsing pulling carriage in Mallorca heat reignites calls for ban across Spain

A DISTRESSING video showing a horse collapsing during the heat of the day in Mallorca has reignited calls for a ban on the tourist...

Work continues to banish cars from centre of major city on Spain’s Costa Blanca

CARS will soon be banished from Alicante city centre, as pedestrianisation work continues from today, April 19, in the streets around the Teatro Principal. The...

Spain refuses to ban fossil fuel cars by 2035 at COP26

SPAIN has opted out of a deal to ban fossil fuel cars from the roads by 2035 at the COP26 climate change summit in...

BULLS OFF THE MENU: Spain’s €400 ‘culture vulture’ voucher for 18-year-olds will exclude bullfights

A ROW has broken out after it was revealed a €400 ‘gift voucher’ birthday present to 18-year-olds to spend on ‘cultural’ activities will not...

Straws, cotton buds and plastic plates banned in Spain as of this Saturday

SINGLE-USE plastic items such as plates, cutlery, straws and cotton buds sticks will be banned throughout the whole of the European Union from Saturday,...

Animal welfare groups call for nationwide ban on all animals in circuses in Spain

THE Parliamentary Association for the defence of animal rights (APPDA) has called on the Government to pass a state law banning circuses with animals...

Fascist song played at first bullfight in Spain’s Mallorca since 2017 ban, while hundreds protest

The Government is now investigating whether playing the song on the arena PA system is a violation of Democratic Memory Law

Gibraltar announces drone crackdown after Gatwick attacks saw 140,000 travellers affected at Christmas

The UK’s second busiest airport was shut down for more than 36 hours, as drones were piloted near the transport hub in the run-up to Christmas

Spain and rest of EU airspace closed to Boeing 737 MAX aircraft after plane crash in Ethiopia kills all...

Since the disaster in East Africa, Boeing’s shares have plummeted, in the highest drop the firm has seen since the 9/11 attacks in the US in 2001

Spain tourism chiefs call for alcohol ban in airports and say British police ‘have power’ to stop boozing on...

There is one incident for every 1,424 flights, according to IATA data, while 50 flights per day have to deal with drunken passengers

OVERHAUL: Law changes give communities in Spain power to ban new tourist blocks from their area

THE government has granted neighbours powers to limit the expansion of tourist renters in their building. Following the success of rental platforms like Airbnb, the...

Madrid bans old cars from city centre in CRACKDOWN on pollution

MADRID is banning aged cars from its city centre in a bid to reduce monster levels of air pollution. The vintage veto, coming into effect...

Bullfighting ‘returning to Marbella’ despite being BANNED three years ago

Local businesses have until the end of the year to back the plans

Petition to to air Iceland’s banned Christmas advert on TV hits more than 900,000

Iceland, which has three supermarkets on the Costa del Sol, dedicated the heartbreaking advert to the ‘25 orangutans we lose every day’

Spain introduces plan to ban alternative therapies in medical centres

Government aims to tackle 'harmful effects' of alternative methods such as acupuncture and homeopathy

Manufacturers of ‘lethal’ drug Nolotil face €500 million lawsuit

A €500 million lawsuit is launched and there are already 200 claimants, following an Olive Press investigation

Lethal painkiller Nolotil BANNED for Brits visiting Spain

The Spanish Medicine Agency has finally issued a directive to ban the drug for British and Irish tourists and regulate it for expats in Spain

Magaluf pub crawl banned after flouting new city law

A PUB crawl route has been dismantled in Magaluf, and two establishments have been fined for organising the tour without the proper paperwork. The sanctions...

Locked out! Spanish town to ban short-term tourist rentals

PALMA will become the first Spanish city to ban short-term tourist rentals. The legislation aims to combat mass tourism on the island which has led...

Spain ‘will consider’ banning children from bullfights after UN voices concerns of ‘exposing kids to extreme violence’

THE UN has called for a ban on children witnessing bullfights in Spain and attending bullfighting schools.  The Committee on the Rights of the Child...

Calls for vehicle ban on Ronda’s Puente Nuevo bridge following subsidence fears

The town hall is currently considering an 'immediate and partial' closure of the Puente Nuevo to traffic to prevent further subsistence

UK doctors warn holidaymakers of henna tattoos

Say no to henna

Octopus fishing banned in the Axarquia from this September

Fishermen are furious, claiming the eight-legged sea creatures account for 60% of their income




OPINION: Tales of one-track scam artist Chris O’Hare’s cons are as old as the Costa del Sol itself

THE only thing surprising about the epic tale of Chris O’Hare’s constant scamming is that he got away with it for so long. What we...


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