BOOZE: Brits are singled out as the worst offenders for drunken incidents on flights

SPANISH tourism chiefs have called for a ban on alcohol sales at airports and on flights.

Boozed-up Brits were singled out as the worst offenders at an international summit in Mallorca on Thursday at the Balearic Islands University.

“The British police are the ones that have the power,” said Timothy Colehan, of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

STRONG WORDS: Tim Colehan of the IATA

Colehan used the example of a UK flight landing in Mallorca, as he said drunken British passengers should not be Spain’s responsibility.

Also at the meeting, was deputy head of the National Police José María Manso, who claimed the Government ‘did not pay any attention’ to an anti-alcohol campaign.

The police officer also slammed Palma airport as he said: “The only thing you see is sale and more sale of alcohol, it’s a shopping centre.”

Colehan later added: “We urgently need the Spanish government to take a stand.”

There is one incident for every 1,424 flights, according to IATA data, while 50 flights per day have to deal with drunken passengers.

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