WATCH: Bullfighting fans sing along to fascist anthem Cara al Sol

A BANNED fascist anthem has been played during the return of bullfighting to Mallorca.

Around 400 anti-bullfighting protestors turned up to the Plaza de Toros in Palma, shouting, ‘it’s not art, it’s torture’.


Inside the arena 12,000 people watched the first bullfight on the island since 2017, when it became prohibited.

One Dutch activist Peter Janssen even jumped into the arena with the words ‘Bullfighting never again’ written on his body, before being ejected.

‘NEVER AGAIN’: Dutch activist Peter Janssen

But the fresh bloodshed on Friday was also accompanied by fascist anthem Cara al Sol (Facing the Sun).

Penned in 1935 by Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, the song became a passionate symbol for the Falangists in the Spanish Civil War.

The Government is now investigating whether playing the song on the arena PA system is a violation of Democratic Memory Law.

An online statement from leftwing political party Podemos said it was a ‘scandal to play a Falangist anthem’.

PROTESTERS: Hundreds turned up to show their anger against the bullfights in Palma

The bullfights marked the 90th anniversary of the bullring and featured toreros, Morante de la Puebla, Julian Lopez El Juli, Jose Maria Manzanares and Fandi.

In the wake of the 2017 ban the Balearic Islands Regional Government had promoted an alternative to the blood sport.

In that version the bull could not be stabbed with banderillas (skewers) or be in the ring for more than 10 minutes.

A €100,000 fine was also in place for psychological or physical damage to the animals.

But the Supreme Court overturned the bullfighting ban in 2018 and only continued to prohibit alcohol sales and restrict entrance to over-18s.

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