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Beauties and the beasts: A look at some of Spain’s female bullfighters

By Livia Cockerell AN exclusive Olive Press interview with Miriam Cabas, a 20-year-old veterinary student from the small town of Los Barrios across the bay...

Ole! Meet the 20-year-old female matador forging her way in a macho world as Spain turns it back on...

THERE are few spheres left in the modern world that remain predominantly the realm of men, but one of the last vestiges of machismo...

Fascist song played at first bullfight in Spain’s Mallorca since 2017 ban, while hundreds protest

The Government is now investigating whether playing the song on the arena PA system is a violation of Democratic Memory Law

WATCH: American gored in neck and teen bruises spine as annual San Fermin bull run begins in Spain’s Pamplona

Each day six bulls and accompanying steers are released, before the animals take on matadors in public fights in the afternoon

‘Sequinned C**T’ – British comic Ricky Gervais slams Spanish matador who wiped tears from dying bull

Comedian Gervais has longed criticised animal cruelty and has spoken out previously against 'traditional' blood sports such as trophy hunting

WATCH: Matador wipes away ‘tears’ of dying bull in a ‘perverse’ move slammed by Spain’s animal rights group

Morante de la Puebla wiped blood from the dying bull’s face with his handkerchief in a gesture condemned by animal rights groups.

WATCH: Matador in Spain flung in air by bull and gored in buttocks before being rushed to hospital for...

The 532-kilo bull that attacked the dad-of-two, was named Declamador

Protesters SLAM €1 million relaunch of bullfighting in Marbella as petition reaches 80,000

HUNDREDS are set to protest against the planned €1 million relaunch of bullfighting in Marbella next week. Campaigners will take the streets on January 12...

Bullfighting ‘returning to Marbella’ despite being BANNED three years ago

Local businesses have until the end of the year to back the plans

PACMA slam Spain’s government for awarding €30,000 to Andalucia’s bullfighter known as ‘the Pirate’

Padilla nearly lost his life in the bullring in 2011 when a bull ripped his eye out after the animal mauled him on the ground

WATCH: One-eyed matador in Spain scalped during brutal bullfight (WARNING: Distressing footage)

Despite the gruesome attack the matador is set to to perform one last bullfight

VIDEO: Irish and Swedish football fans engage in Spanish-inspired matador dance-off in Paris

Inspired by Spanish tradition, a video has emerged showing an Irish and Swedish fan engaged in a dance off-cum-matador performance in Paris

ANIMAL RIGHTS FOCUS: A positive view of bullfighting in Spain

In a controversial dispatch, expat bullfighting aficionado Lenox Napier argues the case for the corrida

SHOCKING VIDEO: Child matadors kill bulls in front of cheering school mates in Madrid

Children as young as 14 have been filmed killing bulls in Madrid

Matador attacks protester in Marbella’s bullring

The protester jumped into the ring after the third bull’s death

Dolce & Gabbana launch Spain inspired range

With matadors and flamenco dancers as inspiration the fashion retailers new line has a particularly Spanish flavour

VIDEO: Bull skewers and gores three matadors in Madrid festival

The annual San Isidro festival had to be cancelled for the first time in 35 years due to the horrific incident

Flamenco exhibition in La Cala

Suzy Westgate launches her first Spanish showcase

‘The Pirate’ returns to the bullring

Spanish matador Juan Jose Padilla has come back fighting

Spanish bullfighter down, but not out

Blinded in one eye and with a crushed cheekbone... but Juan Jose Padilla vows to fight on

Spanish matador left blind in one eye after being horrifically gored through the head

Juan Jose Padilla, gored by bull ‘Marques’ during Zaragoza's Fiestas Del Pilar [Warning this article contains graphic images]

Despite torture scenes the brave are still taking the bull by the horns

The recent furore surrounding the cruel scenes in Alhaurin el Grande has reopened bullfighting debates. But a definite distinction must still be made between this heinous act and the sport itself, writes Andrew Pearce

Saved by skin of teeth

Maimed Spanish bullfighter now out of intensive care after horrific throat goring

Renowned Spanish bullfighter in intensive care

Jose Tomas suffers six-inch deep wound during gory fight in Mexico

Lack of bull market saves bulls

Numbers of bullfights drop by 23 per cent as fans look to save money





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