MATADOR STRIKES BACK: Morante (right) attacked protester Torres

A MATADOR is used to being charged by angry bulls, but it isn’t often he finds himself charged by angry protesters in the bullring.

Such was the situation in Marbella’s bullring on Sunday evening, when two protesters leapt into the ring after the third bull was killed by matador Morante de la Puebla.

But protester Pedro Torres clearly got more than he bargained for, as Morante attacked him with martial arts-style kicks.

Torres and his companion were forcibly removed from the ring and eventually released by police.

The scuffle capped a weekend of otherwise peaceful protests by animal rights activists against bullfighting, which began with a 300-person demonstration on Marbella’s paseo on Friday.

But Morante and other bullfighting enthusiasts have clearly had enough of protesters’ more radical measures, such as those taken by Torres on Sunday.

Morante’s lawyer criticised security at the bullfight for failing to keep the protesters out of the ring, blaming guards for the altercation between Morante and Torres.


  1. Bullfighting is a barbaric form of animal torture and the matadors are pathetic apologies for a human. When will Spain move out of the dark ages and ban bullfighting forever. Bulls are majestic creatures that deserve respect, which is more than can be said for the people who dress up in silly clothes.

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