Patrick 'Patsy' Adams
Patrick ‘Patsy’ Adams

NOTORIOUS British crime boss Patrick Adams and his wife Constance have been arrested in Amsterdam, Holland.

The pair had been on the run from British authorities and were previously thought to be hiding out in Spain.

Wanted in connection to a gangland hit in 2013, ‘Patsy’ Adams’ €4 million villa in Mallorca was stormed by police in June.

The pair were picked up by plain clothes officers in Holland’s capital after reportedly fleeing Spain last month.

An European Arrest Warrant was issued for the 59-year-old in connection with an attempted murder in London, UK, when a man was shot in the chest while he sat in his car.

According to police, the victim was approached by a man and a woman, just before 10am. He was then shot by the man.

British police stepped up the search for the Adams duo in May following a testimony from the victim.

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