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Save your savings!

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Douglas Chadwick

IT’S not a wise move to ask directions from someone who has never been where you want to go.

That might sound like stating the obvious but it also applies to your savings.

If you look at the graph below you will see that the cautious Saltydog Tugboat portfolio has avoided all the five market falls that have occurred in the last four years, and yet still made a return of close to 50%.

Salty Dog stats
Salty Dog stats

This is no coincidence and it is something you could also achieve, by your own efforts, simply through following Saltydog’s advice.

Our investment philosophy is based on a few simple principles. Investing in the stock market will make you money in the long term.

There is some risk involved, but as an active investor this should be controllable.

Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) are not the answer. They do not have the time to actively manage all their clients’ portfolios.

Even if they were to try, it would be prohibitively expensive, and therefore pointless.

Investments should be in Unit Trust funds and OEICs, not individual shares. You get the advantage of scale and are automatically investing in a range of companies.

All your eggs are not in one basket.

You need unbiased, up-to-date performance data. We monitor the relative performance of thousands of funds and then remove the non-performers from our calculations. In other words, we look at the front runners, not those bringing up the rear.

Our investment decisions are based on selecting the sectors first and the fund seconds. When a sector is performing well, like a rising tide it will float all the funds in that sector.

We use a Momentum trading approach to identify the sectors in which we intended to invest.

The above is the basis upon which we started to formulate our method of operation, and it has produced the results that you can see in the graph.

This knowledge is available to you on the Saltydog web-site on a weekly basis, as we track the markets and manoeuvre the investments in our portfolio.

For those who see their savings as their ‘baby’, it’s worth taking the two-month Saltydog free trial. It will cost you nothing, and might result in you gaining both a sensible return on your investments and an interesting new hobby.

For a better understanding of our practical approach to momentum investing in funds, please have a look at the Saltydog website. www.saltydoginvestor.com

SaltyDog (Columnist)

Olive Press columnist SaltyDog is rocking boats with his upfront advice for those all at sea with their investments

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