saltydog graphARE your savings and investments your ‘baby’? It is a simple question.

Will you, or an outsider, have the most interest in securing you and yours a comfortable future? Believe me, today’s politicians and financiers are not going to come to your rescue.

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their own savings.

This may seem harsh, but consider the ever-increasing demands that are being made upon European governments in terms of social welfare, education, pensions, the health service and now, migration, all of which require funding.

Unfortunately we have reached the stage where these demands cannot be met without governments holding out their hands to the taxpayer. And that means you.

If you have have ambitions of leaving an inheritance; if you do not want to be a financial burden on your family as you reach your later years; if you want to continue with the holidays and the golf club membership … then you must start to make your savings work hard now, and make them continue to work hard for the foreseeable future.

At The Saltydog Investor we believe in ‘Momentum Investing’, using weekly unit trust fund and asset sector performance numbers.

Momentum Investing is the closest to real-time investing you can get. We liken it to a relay race.

When a sector is doing well, then you choose a performing fund from that sector to carry the baton. When that sector runs out of puff, you hand it on to the fund in the next sector that is pulling ahead and gaining momentum.

You are, in fact, making use of the fund managers and their analysts when they are right, and moving on to another team of winners when your present ones start to falter. That is a lot of knowledge you are harnessing.

You can examine this approach to investing by going to the Saltydog website and reading the details for yourself.

Better still, you could take a two-month free trial to experience what is involved before committing to any expenditure.

The graph below demonstrates that a sensible return is absolutely achievable.

You can ensure your ‘baby’ grows buxom and healthy, regardless of today’s challenging market conditions!

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  1. Can’t believe what I have just read. The craic is to invest in a sector BEFORE it takes off, not after. That way you are buying into a sector at the best price. Buying into an already outperforming sector, the percentages are already working against you. Sectors/markets don’t correct in months, weeks or even days any more, they correct in minutes. There is no substitute for doing your own research and not paying commission to anyone.

    • If you’re trying to invest in a sector BEFORE it goes up, your actually investing in a sector that is going DOWN, and to me that makes even less sense. Surely you want access to reliable, impartial, up-to-date data so that you can catch the sectors when they start going up again. I’m also not sure about markets correcting in minutes. There was a significant correction in the markets this August, but they had actually been trending down since April.

  2. Rubbish, most sectors move sideways first. These days data is freely available, The FT gives access to a mine of accurate and up to date data and CNBC covers just about everything. Any rational person can invest sensibly. Nowadays it makes sense to be able to move with speed – who saw the VW debacle coming. Quite simply there is no such thing as safe sectors anymore.

    Go back to the early 90s’ and the zero dividend preference shares disaster which people bought into because they were ‘certain’ to yield precise returns and were rec. to meet specific financial needs ie. school fees etc.

    In reality the managers of investment trusts were playing merry-go-round, buying each others shares – criminal negligence and lazyness.

    And it has been shown that tracker funds are more efficient than managed funds with way lower costs.

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