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Weekly Market Roundup 23/05/2022

Weekly Market News Share markets had another choppy week, with worries that rate hikes, cost pressures and supply chain disruptions would further weigh on the...

Weekly Market Roundup

Weekly Market News - 16/05/2022 Stock markets had another rough week with some very choppy moves on concerns over monetary tightening to combat high inflation...

Bogus stock market brokers fleeced €6 million out of unsuspecting clients in Spain

A group of swindlers offering big returns on stock market investments have been arrested by the Policia Nacional. The gang made €6 million out of...

MUST READ: European Court of Justice rules against Spain’s Modelo 720 foreign asset law including system of excessive fines

EUROPE'S top court says Spain broke EU laws by imposing harsh penalties on Spanish residents who failed to declare property and bank accounts they...

DEAR JENNIFER: How can you help with all this extra post-Brexit paperwork?

You must be so careful with your documentation and paperwork in Spain. It has become far more complicated and involved, since the finalisation of Brexit. For...

Cold called about your pensions and investments in Spain?

by Sam Kelly DipPFS, EFA, BA (Hons), Managing Partner, Chorus Financial. Within the last 24 hours both myself and my colleague working from our Costa Blanca office...

Investment Alert! Are you invested in Momentum Harmony, Lombard Russell or Privee Select Funds?

Sam Kelly DipPFS, EFA, BA (Hons) Managing Partner Chorus Financial I’ve come across a number of clients in the above-mentioned funds. They are commonly used by certain...

We need to talk about your financial adviser…

by Sam Kelly DipPFS, EFA, BA (Hons) Managing Partner Chorus Financial Looking back, it’s obvious I was fairly naïve when I first moved to Spain in terms...

The biggest risk to your investments and pensions… could it be your financial adviser?

Over the last decade or so, Spanish expats have been exposed to some incredibly poor financial advice. In many cases this has led to...

The Great Spanish Rip-Off… you might not even know you’re a victim yet.

It was back in 2016 that I tentatively wrote my first ‘exposé’ of certain questionable practises that were being used within the financial advice...

SaltyDog: Celebrating five turbulent years

The world needs the optimist and the pessimist but our glass is still half full – cheers!

Backing a winner

Investing is like a day at the races, writes Salty Dog

KISS investments

Keep it simple, keep it cheap and keep at it

Bringing up baby

If your savings are your ‘baby’, why entrust them to a babysitter, writes Saltydog

More than 50 people arrested in country-wide investment scam investigation

Suspects held in Malaga, Madrid and Barcelona




Spain’s Malaga reintroduces 14 chameleon specimens into their natural habitat

MALAGA has successfully reintroduced 14 chameleon specimens into their native habitat during September, marking a significant step in their conservation efforts. The most recent release...


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